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On July 11, 2023, Daniel streamed an encounter he had with EMTs. While in the ambulance, a police officer ticketed him for $500 for damages done to a wall at the School of Mines. The live ended as he was transported to the mental health unit, where he was not allowed a phone. During the live, Daniel chatted with the EMTs about how his popularity had gotten to the point where he feared for his life, mentioning altercations with fans, including the main incident that led to this point, the Dog Arc.

Account Daniel Larson NYC 13 (page)
Date 07/11/2023



Because it's so bright.

Yup just need to be able to see ya.

I am a singer-songwriter of Denver, Colorado, currently homeless, and I am known by most police officers, most hospitals, most people, I should say. And I'm getting spotted on almost every single street corner, okay, by fans, by supporters. And I, the last couple of days, have been, like, actually attacked, threatened. And I have nowhere to go because I'm homeless. And I have called security companies. They are all refusing to work with me until I get housing. So I'm in even more danger being on the street homeless without security. And I'm starting to fear for my life.

Do you know where you're at right now?

Yes, I'm in Golden, Colorado. I'm, yeah.

Do you know today's date?

It is the... I want to say 11th or 12th, or, like, yeah.

Okay. Do you know who the President of the United States is?

Joe Biden.

Okay. If I gave you six quarters, how much money do you got?

That is going to be a dollar and a half.

Okay. So you're not feeling safe, you're saying?

I'm not feeling safe.

Okay. Because of other folks, or because of yourself?

Just because of my popularity, I, like, I've tried getting motel rooms, and fans call the motel rooms and dox them, pretty much, and dox my room, and it's becoming super unsafe. So I have been told not to go to motel rooms without security present, and it's just getting very unsafe for me to be in public.

Okay. Who's telling you not to go to motel rooms?

The, like, motels themselves, because they end up banning me because they get spam calls by fans. Because I'm so popular that, like, I legitimately get spotted at the motels by other people there. Like, that's how popular I am.

Okay. Well, the ambulance just called. I'm going to let them chat with you, okay? Daniel, right?


Daniel, what's your... Have you... Larson?

It's Larson, yes.

Okay. What's your date of birth?


Okay Daniel, how you doing?

I am not doing well.


I am... Famous.


And I have called multiple times before...


...for popularity issues and people doxing me. This is not the first time I've called in.

I'm going to step a little closer, I'm having a hard time hearing.

Yeah. This is not the first time that I've called in...


...for issues.


I am homeless.


And I am trying to get security services, but they all don't want to work with me until I get housing, which makes sense.

Do you have any injuries on your face here? I'm seeing a little bit of...

Yes. Okay. This was from earlier. I've already went to the hospital earlier today...


...and got that taken care of. Perfect. Well, I'll tell you what, Daniel, we got some good news for you. We got an ambulance right here ready to take you wherever you need to go. So if you want to talk to these gentlemen here, they can help you out.


Hey, what's going on, man? What's your name?

Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm Jason. This is my friend Brad.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

What's going on today, man? Just... So...

Let's get in the ambulance.

Yeah, Can I go in the ambulance?


I'll get all out of here so we'll get you back here. Do you have any weapons or anything in that backpack I have to worry about?

Uh, no. You guys can search me down. You guys can do whatever. I don't... I don't... I don't care. We'll put the backpack behind you. I want to go ahead and take the backpack for me. Just... Let it go. Okay.

Daniel, before you head out there, do you have any weapons on you?

I don't. You can... Yeah, you can pat me down.

Just keep your hands out of your pockets for me, okay? Let me just put some gloves on here and then we'll pat you down, alright? You got any needles? Any guns? Bazookas? Anything like that I need to worry about?

No. No.

Okay. Fantastic. I appreciate you. Let's go ahead and bring your hands behind your back. You're not under arrest. This is just how I happen to know. Okay?

That's understandable. I've done this before, I know.

Alright. Perfect. What can we do about that?

That's just my debit card.

A debit card?


Gotcha. Alright. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Thank you.

Come on up here, Daniel. Let's grab a seat. Right here.

Okay. So, do you mind if I film for evidence? Just in case I take this to court. If need be.

Can you scoot your leg a little bit. Alright so what' going on?

Okay. So, I recently, because I'm a singer-songwriter.


I have songs on the radio in some states. And my career has really taken off recently. To a scary level.


To where, like, when I talk about popularity, like, it's a scary level.


To where, like, at this hour in a neighborhood, it's no big deal. Unless there's like one person that really wants to cause issues. Which my popularity is big enough. It has happened. My, like, I can go to a grocery store and I struggle shopping because people are just stopping me wanting pictures. So, I get spotted on every single corner.... But people are doctors.... It's to a point to where those restaurants are kicking me out.

Because other people are showing up and causing problems?

Right. So, I've ended up getting homeless. And popularity is still skyrocketing because I'm doing it for a living. I have a record label. We're to a point to where, for me to be able to get security, like I said, I need housing of some sort. It's getting, like I said, to a dangerous level that I'm to a point I either need, like, almost immediate services of some sort. A, I guess, domestic violence.... I need something. And I need, like, resources.

The best first step is get you to a hospital. We're going to get, we'll get you into, I mean, it sounds bad, but they're going to do a psychological evaluation to see where you are. Once we get that accomplished, then they can get you in touch with hospital services and hospitalists that can get you in touch with some of those resources that it sounds like you need.

It's just, like, the security, it's not working because I go in there, somebody spots me. I go in there, somebody spots me. It creates a big, gigantic mess.

Okay so are you okay with going to the hospital with this? with the plan that I put out forward, you know, as far as getting you at least put in there?

Yes. Yeah.

Spell your last name.

Like, it's L-A-R-S-O-N.

I'm sorry, say that again.

L-A-R-S-O-N. Like, I don't want to say this to be crazy or, you know, like, cause any issues. But, if you know, like, major, major music artists and, like, how...

You can tell by the green of my beard, I'm so far out of the cool music scene, I don't even recognize it anymore. Haha


Everybody that I loved as a musician is either dead or not making music anymore.

I feel like it doesn't matter. I think if you know, like, the music industry and, like, the stuff that happens, you would understand, though.

What's your date of birth Daniel?

It's 11-15-1998. It's to a point to where, like, it's almost like I have to, not in a negative way, but it's like I have to almost threaten my entire fan base if they get too wild.


And it puts me in that negative spot. Yeah, it's a tough situation because you need the fans to support your career.

Yes, and all that's doing is just throwing me in loops where I keep ending up only going downhill. Yeah. And I just can't do that anymore.

It kind of becomes a self-feeding cycle where you just spiral down, yeah?

Yeah. And I have called, like, I've started investigations. Like, I don't even know, like, where I start because police, they can't do anything legally unless they have, like, legal issues. So it's to a level that it's like the job isn't for everyone. And with my popularity, it's to a point that even if I got off social media, with me being spotted on every corner almost and places getting doxxed, it just isn't going down nowadays on social media.

Right. Once the pictures are out there, everybody's going to glom on so.

Exactly. And so I just don't know what I am really kind of doing. And so at this point, because I know what I'm doing, but when there's an issue with trolls or whatever, it's literally safety or else.

Yeah, for sure. I mean, you got to take care of your personal first above everything else.

Right. And it's to a point that, like, my my family's getting doxxed, too. And I don't want them to be affected either.

<chatter between EMTs>

I'm sorry, I just have a lot going on here.

Yeah. It's OK. OK. Point to where it's like, I don't know how to say it in a way that's not going to sound either, you know, like crazy. But it's you know what I mean? Like, I'm not crazy. It's a very tough situation. Like I said, sometimes I just have to be the power over everyone else in the situation I'm in. And I have no choice.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Jason's going to ride in the back with you. I'm going to get up front and drive. We're going to take a nice easy ride over to you.

Okay, thank you.

All right...

That's fine.

Just so I can give some information to the nurses and doctors.

Are you in any pain right now?


Okay, what happened to your face?

So earlier today, I was already at Lutheran earlier. So they're probably just going to go, "oh, you're back".

Okay, what for?

It was for a fan altercation, actually.

You got assaulted?

No. Well, kind of. I got my dog stolen by a fan at a location at a restaurant.


And it escalated to an assault situation and self-defense. And it is now to a point to where everything was fine. I left the hospital. And I mean, I take five steps outside of the hospital. And I was already spotted in the parking lot. Like, no joke.

Can I hop in real quick? Yeah, come on in.

Hey, Daniel, I have a question for you. Yes. Were you over at the School of Mines campus last week sometime?

Yes, I was.

Was there an incident with some damage on a wall or an elevator or something?

Yes, I was. There was a issue with another person that escalated and it caused a fan altercation. And it ended in kind of assault towards me.

Is that what happened to you?

This is from a different issue. But that's what happened last week and or, yeah, it was last week.

What kind of damage was it?

It was the wall.

So the wall just got messed up?

Yeah. And what I did is, after the fan left, after kind of just punching me one time and then verbally assaulting me, I called 911 then. I called the crisis center. Both of them kind of didn't believe me. They kind of, you know, like I was saying, kind of at a point to where I'm just going in circles. And what I did was I just said, you know what, I'm done. I called family. And I said, you know what, I'm sick and tired of this. I will take this as far at this point as I need it to to get heard.

Yeah, I mean, it's frustrating, right?

And so it's very frustrating because I'm to a point to where I'm… I feel like, like I said, I'm fine myself. But I feel like with the fans and with the trolls from the fan base, it's literally I need to get this heard now. Or, I mean, nowadays with, you know, just the crime on every corner, I could be shot tonight, like no joke. And I understand that. I know that. And I'm smart enough to say this needs to get heard.

Good. Well, that's good.

And so…So that's where I am.

Would you be okay? There's a school of mine's employee coming. Would you be able to tell him that story for me?


Just explain that you had an altercation. That's how the wall got damaged.

Yes. And I will more than happy. I want to charge me if they want to. I think they're just trying to figure out what happened. So he's just going to come ask you some questions. He's going to be here in one minute. Okay?

Okay. Thank you.

All right. I appreciate you being honest with me. Just give us one sec. They're just going to come and we'll be out here.

Okay. All right. Daniel. You have any medical history?


PTSD. Okay.

And it's because I had an abusive childhood, which kind of led me into music. And now I'm singing a lot about my life.

Okay. Anything else medically?

Learning disability. I guess I don't know what you would put that as. Because it's childhood trauma and I just didn't learn the right skills at the right time. So I was a late bloomer, I should say.

All right. What about any allergies? Do you have any allergies or anything?

No. I know this is a lot, but yeah, I'm fine.

I'm just going to be asking you questions here. Are you taking any medications?


Not for PTSD or sleep or anything?


Like I'm able to keep it calm. It's just like when trolls or fans cause issues and it just escalates and escalates and escalates.

Yeah I gotchu.

It basically escalates until it hits a peak and it grows day to day to day. And without somebody to calm that down, like security, I can't do that anymore.


It's hurting relationships. It's hurting friendships. Places, like I said, are getting... I can't go to motels. I can't go to anywhere. They're just getting spam calls. They're getting doxxed.

Okay. What's doxxed?

Like phone numbers off of the internet, like on Google. Fans are actually going to Google, finding, and then they're leaking it on my social media platforms or other celebrities.

I got you.

And then it just goes haywire with phone calls.


And sorry, I'm moving my hand a lot.

Oh, that's okay. I just wanted to make sure your blood pressure cuff was still on. It's acting kind of funny.

Probably because I'm moving so much.

Okay. So you have no medical issues, like you're not hurting anywhere?


You didn't take a fall or anything?


You don't have any change in vision?


No lightheadedness? No dizziness?


No numbness or tingling in your fingers?


Okay. You're breathing okay?


Okay. We'll get you to the hospital, and they'll get you checked out, and then we're going to get you somebody, maybe someone from social services, figure out a plan for all this craziness in your life...

Like, not to be, like I said, I'm not suicidal. I'm not. That's good. Yeah. I'm none of all of that stuff. I want to do politics as well. So like, on top of my career, so it's like, I know the fact like, what's right and what's wrong. The issue is, like I said, it gets to a point to where it's like

Can you look at my nose?

yeah, it gets to a point to where my entire fan base just escalates to where it starts escalating in public too.


You're not on any medication right now?

No. I do have like issues with my eyes to where they do get bloodshot red.

Okay. That's been going on since I was really, really young.


And I've never done drugs. I don't smoke. I don't do alcohol.


It's gotten to a point to where like, I have to post on social media sometimes to where it's like, like, I literally have to almost speak like a president would, you know, like, not like, I don't want to say threatened, because that's not the right word. But it's like, I have to like, literally say, you guys need to stop. You guys are taking it too far. It's the entire fan base is taking it too far. And somebody is going to get injured. And you know what I mean? And if it doesn't, like, you know what I mean? Like, legitimately gets so much to where it's like, I have to talk them.


And for me, like I said, it's only bringing down my career. And I'm afraid of my, my career being damaged.

Right. Can I just touch your head and kind of feel you around?


All right.

Just let me know if anything hurts. Okay?

None of that hurts.


I am a little bit skinny and skin and bones. But that's not what I'm checking for. Yeah, that's... nothing?


Okay, good. Perfect.

I mean, I just I just hike a lot as well. So just the normal. Just the normal hiking body aches is what I normally feel.


Just walking a lot.

You can feel all that?

Oh, yeah.

Okay, good.

They just showed up so its going to be a couple of minutes


it's almost like I don't know how to say this but, you know like when somebody runs for like a presidential election or a governor for like a high profile role and the companies normally pay for their security?


um, or if they like even though or you know what I mean even though she never ran she gets government assisted security.


My popularity is to a level or starting to get to a level where even if it doesn't hit social media it's starting too, so it's to that severe level now.

All right. We got somebody here. Just wants to ask you a few questions.

Hey, Daniel. I'm officer [...].


Well, I'm contacting you today to ask you about some damage that was done to one of our walls.


You know, I'm talking about?

Yes, I do.

Can you tell me what happened?

So I was about last week. I got dropped off by a friend in the parking lot. The parking garage.


And I was walking through the building on where the stairwell is.


And I'm a singer songwriter. I already kind of talked to them about everything given.

I've seen your YouTube.


So I got spotted by a troll. And, you know, like a fan, but on purpose trying to cause issues.


And that's been happening a lot lately. And said some verbal stuff. Tried to assault me. And I freaked out. I called the crisis line. They didn't believe me. When I talked to them, they thought he was crazy. Because some people are still not believing my popularity. Which I'm trying to get heard right now. Like I'm saying, this is serious. Enough is enough.

All right.

And I panicked. And I freaked out. And I decided I was going to kick the hole.

Okay. So you kicked the hole in the wall?

Yes. And so that was me. And I did that out of fear. And I, at the time, my, what I was thinking in my mind was like, I really don't care right now. What happens. Because I've had enough with the trolling. I've had enough with what is going on. I care more about my safety. And I care more about, like, me, my family's safety.


And I want to get this heard. And I, that's, that was my motive. I knew I was going to get caught.


I knew the consequences. I, I'm sorry.


And I, if you want to charge me, that's okay. I don't care.


But I'm trying to, at this point, just do anything I can right now to just put the message out. Like, look, this is real stuff that's going on. Not a joke anymore. These fans are trolling too much. It's everywhere I go, not just one location. And people and not believing me.

So you weren't in the room with the fan? you were just.

It was, it was in the. You know, when you go through the door and then the stairwells on the right.

Was there anything in the room that you were in?

It was right in the stairwell is where the fan altercation was. And I went upstairs and then I went out and then I walked kind of around. So, yeah.

So this area right here?

Yes. So I, when I came in the door right from outside.


I went into the stairwell at the top there. Right over here. That's where the fan altercation was.


Because somebody came in through the elevator.


Okay. So somebody came in through the elevator. The fan altercation happened in the stairwell. They continue to go down after I came back up. About half a flight of stairs back into here. And I was just like, fuck, fuck, fuck. What am I going to do? What am I going to do? You know, I'm tired of this happening. People need to understand, like, I'm really getting spotted everywhere I go. People are trolling. I need to get to a point to where I am safe from these altercations.

So you kind of freaked out?

And I freaked out going, like, I need to get this heard. I freaked out and I kicked a hole.


Out of just, like, kind of going, like, I don't care what happens right now. I care more about just getting this heard that this is real. And even though it's on, you know, my popularity is on social media, it's not a joke. It's real stuff that's going on.


Like, I did get a dog yesterday, well, two days ago that got stolen. Dognapped. People are thinking that that's a joke. It's not a joke. That is real. And I don't even know if I'm going to see him again. So I am to a point to where I'm like, what's going to happen to my life? What's going to happen to my friends? You know, people don't want to be with me because of the doxing. You know, doxing means, you know, the location gets leaked and then people show up. You know, stuff like that. Internet doxing.

Yeah. So, I mean, I understand. And I just wanted to see what was the deal with the wall. All right. So I'll write you a ticket for the criminal mischief. But I'm going to let the gentleman help you, right? Because it's more important right now. So I'll ask them where they're going and then I'll just meet you up there, okay?

Yeah. And I will also...

So I'll write you a ticket. It's like a $500 damage thing, right? Yeah. So, you know, I can understand freaking out because of the fans and all that stuff.

Does your body cam record as well?


Okay. Can you also help with trying to get this issue as well out there any way you can?

I can't get it out anywhere. It just goes to a report, my bosses and stuff will see that.

Okay. Can you help put that into a report and say that this is a real issue?

Yeah. And that I am starting to fear for my life to some degree.

All right. And, yeah, like I said, these gentlemen are going to get you someplace. They're going to need some help. You can talk to them. Be open and honest with them. I'm sure they'll get you some resources as well to try to help with whatever they can help you with.

Okay. Thank you.

All right. So I'll see you in a little bit.

All right. Thank you.

All right. Thank you.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for holding you up. I'll see you in a little bit.

It's going to be a rough turn around.


Like, this one issue, like, right now, tonight, is just, I, like I said, I just called in, going like, enough is enough. It's, I'm, I'm fine tonight, but I don't know what tomorrow's going to be. I don't know, like, because I'm almost, like, I legitimately was going up into the mountains to try to get away from anybody that would notice me, you know, so I could get a safe night. And that's not really reality anymore. I shouldn't have to do that.

Yeah, you're right.

Um, yeah. Yes. Um. Yeah, that'd be nice.

Make sure I erase all that, okay? Just so you feel safe.

Yeah, thank you. I will. I will. And yes, I do know... But I don't care right now, I could just change my number.

How much do you think you weigh?

Um, I want to say 130. I say, like, 125 to 130, but I think it's easier to say 130.


And I am around 5'10".

Perfect. Alright, so, what I got here is you have a history of PTSD, you have a learning disability from childhood.


No known allergies.

No known allergies.

No known medications.

No known medications.

No drugs or alcohol.

No drugs or alcohol.

Okay. And you were in the hospital, you were in Lutheran?

I was in Lutheran earlier today, so they're, like I said, they're probably just going to go, oh, he's back.

Well, they probably have your information, which is good, but...

It's good and bad, because they know me, and they'll go, well, he's back two times in 24 hours. Well... It is what it is.

...the first time, and you're going to work the second time.

Okay. I hope it's simple, just go in and tell them the issue, and I get transferred to, I want to say like a safe house, because that's what I called 911 for.


911 said they can't do a safe house.

Oh, okay. And I was like, well, that's, if they can't do a safe house, then how am I supposed to do it? So I literally just hung up on 911, which I shouldn't do. And then I called them back, and then I started yelling, which I shouldn't do. But, yeah, it's one of those things to where it's just like, are you guys ever going to start, like, what am I to do? You know, like, literally.


You guys make it so difficult, and even like a safe house, they want domestic violence or something like that. And with my popularity, that doesn't fall under domestic violence.


And then to be homeless, they're like, oh, just go to a homeless shelter. Well, I'm too homeless for that because I still get spotted at the homeless shelter as well, and people start calling those places.


Or, I mean, there's enough violence there. I mean, I could be a target.


Yeah. People have tried to make videos... with what they see versus what I'm really going through.


They can only put out what they know.


And that's not always the truth. So, it's kind of just a shitty situation.

I'm just going to check your face.


I just want to make sure nothing's broken. Make sure the hospital didn't miss anything.

They did x-rays.



Can you open your mouth for me?

All right, good. Thank you.

I mean, it is sore. I think more than anything, it's just really, really bruised... I think it's—I know, like, you know how, like, in politics, how—I mean, it's not always a good thing, but, like, how politicians can literally say one thing to get, like, a message heard, and it's really aggressive. It's really firm. And then they, like, literally have to back it up on another post, like, by the way, I don't actually mean harm.


I'm to that level of seriousness. And, like, earlier today, I literally had to make videos going, like, I will do anything to where this will go to Supreme Court if it has to, and I will do something if I have to to get it to Supreme Court. You know, like, that is not good if I have to do something like that. You know what I mean?


Of that severity of a level. And—but it's—I'm really to a point of, like, I—because all it takes—.

Hold on I gotta talk to my partner for a second

All it takes is one crazy person.

Uh, Larson.

Like, another thing is, that's what I, like, I don't want to say, like, I know it's going to happen or I know it's not going to happen. Like, I don't know anything. Um, there's no way of knowing. But with my popularity level, people that walk their dogs at, like, 4 a.m. in the morning or, you know, middle of the night, I get spotted by fans any time of day or night.


So, being on the street or with—or even just walking to the grocery store, like I said, all it takes is just that one crazy person. And in the right situation, you really won't have time to call 911.

Right. Yeah.

And I don't want to get to that.

Yeah. I don't think anybody wants you to get to that. Well, I don't know. Um, since you're homeless, you don't have a—



I use [...], which is a homeless shelter in downtown Denver.


But when that started getting— —right out their front door, I was like, well, I can't do that anymore. But that is a public address that I— I was using it for a while. I have income coming in enough for a motel room, but with me getting dogs, cases getting their phones run up.


People, like, banning me, saying, you can't come here anymore because of this.


It's forcing me into a chronically homeless state. And I don't want to—I can't do that. It's time I get that heard. I'm not a violent person. And I will protect myself, and I will protect my family and my needs.

As you should.

But I'm not a violent person. Like, with what happened with the hole in the wall and stuff like that, it's literally just like—I wish people would take things seriously, especially if it involves safety.

Yeah. I'm going to make a quick phone call to the hospital, let them know you're coming.

Do you have the bio phone up there? Or is it back here?

Okay. All right. Here we go. I don't have that. Are you 23 years old? All right. Are you 24 years old?

I'm 24. Because 1998, that's 20—yeah, 24.


Tonight, actually, the reason why I called was my number was leaked. And I started receiving text messages from someone. I don't know who, but anybody.

Let me call the hospital real quick. Just let me make a call. We're not sitting here waiting. This is Stadium Medic, Med 21. I've got a 24-year-old male. I understand that he was in the equipment earlier today for what appears to be some assault injuries. He was discharged. He needs to see a community mental health specialist for some services. He's A, no times four. He does have some bruising and swelling on his face. It seems to be from earlier, before he got sent to the hospital. Right now his vitals are 115/79, pulse 88, respiration 12... He has a history of PTSD, a mental disability. He has no known allergies and not on any medications. No. I don't know. He hasn't done so. Yeah. No hold at this time. I'm going to get in touch with him right now. Alright bye. Okay.


All right, this is Jason [...].

All right. I'm probably going to have to end this right now because I will probably not be able to have a phone inside. I will let you guys know as soon as I get in. If I end the stream, I will not be able to have a phone. But let's try to get this out public. This is a real issue. But yeah, apparently it's a rule in the mental health unit. I cannot have a phone, I don't think.

Nope. Not at all. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Yeah. So what is it that you're live streaming? Is it for your fans?

I'm just, yeah, I'm trying in hopes, trying to get this situation out there and I'm trying to, I feel like, like I said, people don't take it seriously. And if I do end up having to take it legally at a very high level or whatever,

The supreme court or whatever?

yeah, like if it becomes threatening to my career or my future, I need to have evidence that that's what I'm trying. I'm trying to get what's really going on out there and not the real bullcrap that's going on. I'm trying to get the real, the real side of everything.

Okay. All right. Should be here in a couple minutes. Medical check is?



I mean.. no. No. Okay... They have the car. They sometimes not all, but sometimes when they can help out, they try. But it's to a point as well that my popularity is starting to.