March 19th Arrest

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Daniel's mugshot. There are no thoughts behind those eyes.

On March 19th, 2024, a warrant was issued for Daniel Larson's arrest for fugitive from justice, and he was once again, arrested. He was placed into the Broomfield County Detection Center, and was transferred to Jefferson County Jail the next day. He spent two days in jail until being released March 22, 2024. Daniel had violated his parole by getting kicked out of the homeless shelter for 45 days as well as legal issues from being trespassed by an IHOP. His probation officer likely notified Jefferson County, who subsequently issued a warrant due to his bad record. [1] He spent two days in jail until being released March 22, 2024.

However, Daniel would be arrested not even a month later for a warrant from Jefferson County on the same charge, and again for Use or Threatened use of an explosive and Interstate Communication of Threats on April 30th.

The Arrest

In the morning, sometime between 10am to noon, Daniel was arrested.[2] According to a subreddit user who took the photos of Daniels arrest, he was at the Flat-Iron Crossing, which is a shopping mall in Broomfield, Colorado. [3] However Daniel was arrested under the charge of Fugitive of Justice from another state. Daniel was arrested a month ago on similar charges. Daniel was booked in Broomfield County Detention center, and held at a bond of 1,000 dollars. He was transferred to Jefferson County Jail the next day.[4]

Besides his Fugitive of Justice charge, he also has two charges for trespassing, and one for criminal mischief. His bond is still $1,000 for the main charge, plus an additional $50 and $75 for each trespassing charge. [1]

On April 3, 2024, reddit user u/Extension_Nerve_1947 posted bodycam footage of Daniel being arrested, after paying $48. The police talk about his prior terroristic threats from the March 23rd Meltdown prior to apprehending him and arresting him. [5]

Broomfield booking information
Daniel Larson outside next to two police officers

Daniel's Response

Allegedly, Daniel said that he got into an altercation with Dylan Clark, one of Daniel's many managers. The altercation was physical and occurred at a shelter, which resulted in them being kicked out. According to the subreddit user who stated this, it was in violation of his probation and Daniel was arrested again. [6]

Court Appearances

March 21 Appearance

On March 21, 2024, Daniel appeared in court for his arrest warrant for violation of his probation. [7] His probation was revoked and reinstated, and he was released. [8]

Missed Appearances

Daniel had two court dates on March 21, 2024 regarding his fugitive of justice and trespassing charges. At 8:30 am, he had a hearing for his failure to comply and pay court fees in Jefferson, and at 1:15 pm for failure to appear in Lakewood.

On March 25, 2024, Daniel had a hearing scheduled for two charges in Golden, likely from The Golden Hotel Incident.

Daniel also had a court date scheduled for March 27, 2024 for an arraignment following the Olive Garden Incident. This court date was originally scheduled for February 13, but did not happen as he was in Arapahoe County Jail. [1] When this date came, he showed up more than four hours late, and was arrested several days later.