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Trench foot is a type of foot damage due to excessive moisture.[1] The condition is mostly linked to soldiers having consistently spongy feet from fighting in cold, wet conditions, hence why it was a common affliction during the First World War.[2] Daniel was diagnosed with the condition after months of living on the streets during his Homeless Arc. On August 4th 2022, Daniel uploaded a video where he could be seen in a hospital bed with his mask on. With no explanation to his current situation, his video contained a warning about a terrorist attack in the Indian city of Pulwama.[3] Daniel made no attempt to answer any questions about why he was in the hospital in his comment section.

On April 15, 2023, Daniel uploaded a video on YouTube stating that his trench foot is back. The reasoning behind it is because he, “can’t wear new socks since the fans are manipulating donations.”


A couple of hours after the first mysterious video was posted, Daniel uploaded another TikTok with his Diagnosis. In the video, he explains that the doctor had diagnosed him with trench foot. Trench foot was accurately explained by Daniel: "trench foot is a condition where your foot sweats, or gets wet, and it doesn't breath and so your foot, over time, gets spongy versus your skin being normal. And it creates massive amounts of pain". The doctors noted that his condition appeared to be happening for at least a year. The doctors advised Daniel to get a hotel room and stay off of his feet for "at least a month". If the condition gets more severe, his foot will begin to decay, eventually resulting in amputation or fatal sepsis.

Due to the fact that Daniel is homeless, it would be very difficult to fully listen to his doctor's orders of staying off of his foot. Later in the day Daniel uploaded a muted video where he eventually pans the camera down to show marks of blood that he is leaving due to his foot.

Despite this being almost two years ago, Daniel is still somehow on his feet despite not listening to his doctor's recommendations.