Hollywood Sex Party

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On August 4, 2023, Daniel posted a youtube video claiming that he was hosting a "Hollywood Sex Party". In the video, he states that multiple celebrities are invited. The list of celebrities invited were Darci Lynne Farmer, Grace VanderWaal, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Jacob Sartorius, and Donald Trump. He also had a small list of people who were not invited which were Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, and Joe Biden. The reason why he made this video is unknown, but he appears to be on the brink of laughter at several points in the video which may suggest that it might be staged.

Post Video Reddit Post

On August 5, 2023, the day after Daniel posted the video to youtube, Reddit user u/Human6928 posted a text conversation that he or somebody else had with Daniel about the party on the r/Daniellarson subreddit. In the conversation, Daniel says that he wants to have teenagers at the party. Many people have used this as evidence of Daniel being a pedophile.

Text conversation of Daniel stating that he wanted teens at the party.