Nuclear Attack Incident

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On August 2nd, 2022 during a Twitch stream, Ox made a $100 donation goal "Swap the video with a fake nuke warning". The goal was reached thus beginning the prank, which involved swapping out the video for a fake EAS warning[1] of a nuclear attack against major American cities (but not including Denver).

Initial Reaction

As soon as Daniel heard the words "Nuclear Attack" he sprung into action, taking down notes on a piece of paper and then leaving to go warn others at the front desk and lobby of the hotel.

Daniel runs to inform the rest of the hotel. Only to return and have Ox explain that it was a prank. Daniel was not too happy with the idea.

Daniel's Reception

Daniel was not pleased at all with this prank. Daniel was already stressed about US and China relations so this caused great panic. Daniel announced Ox's firing many times, sometimes claiming that it was a one-week suspension. Daniel also broke a TV after the prank [2]

The following day

On August 3rd, 2022 the rage against Ox continued, fully firing Ox because he had allegedly received a "restraining order" from the "VanderWaal family".