Abandoned in Colorado Springs

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On October 20, 2022, Daniel was abandoned at a Colorado Springs Walgreens by Wyatt and friends, who had met him the night prior at a Dave & Buster's in Denver. Wyatt claimed that Daniel was far more than he could handle. Thus, he and his friend opted to abandon him. The full story of the events leading to Daniel's abandonment has not yet been told.

Previous Day

A Fateful Meeting at Dave & Buster's

On the night of October 19, 2022, Daniel posted several TikToks from a Dave & Buster's in Denver, Colorado. In the video, he invited his fans to join him in his shenanigans. Wyatt and his alleged business partner, Jesse, met up with him there in response to Daniel's post.

Hot Box and a Place to Stay

Daniel posted several TikToks from inside Wyatt's car; in one video, a bong can be seen being passed around. It is believed that Daniel consumed marijuana from the bong as well.

Daniel then stayed with Wyatt and friends in a hotel room from which he made more TikTok content.

Road Trip

This is one of many routes from Colorado Springs, CO, to Denver, CO. Daniel claimed that this is the seventy-mile trip he was making before being rescued in Monument, CO.

On the morning of October 20, 2022, Wyatt and friends brought Daniel to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs; they took to the trails for some hiking and sightseeing. Daniel grew stressed as the boys' not-so-perilous journey continued on. Daniel can be seen punching his phone and getting annoyed with the boys in several of the TikToks uploaded during their trip. At one point, Daniel even demanded that he be brought back to Denver. After Daniel suspected that he was being driven around in circles by Wyatt and Friends, so to ease his paranoia, they pulled over at a Walgreens. The boys presumably left just after sending Daniel into the Walgreens, abandoning him with no warning. Wyatt claimed that Daniel had food, water, and money, although Daniel doesn't seem to make any indication of this.

A Way Home

Rather than buying a bus ticket from Colorado Springs to Denver, Daniel decided he would begin a perilous seventy-mile journey back home. Daniel alleged that he had walked over fifty miles that night, although several people following the Larson lore estimated this figure as being closer to twenty miles. Daniel made it as far as Monument, Colorado, where he posted a TikTok of himself sipping on an iced coffee at the Coffee Cup Cafe. Several Larsonians came to Daniel's rescue soon after; and brought him back to Denver, even listening to his music on the way back.