July 24th Meltdown

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On July 24, 2023, Daniel made numerous videos and community tab entries expressing concern over a multitude of fabricated images he had received. These fake posts were made to look as though they had come from well known entities such as the FBI,[1] the Taliban,[2] and various news outlets,[3] as well as influential figures such as Saddam Hussein,[4] Joe Biden,[5] and others.[6][7]

Most of these posts were intended to scare Daniel by accusing him of a crime as well as tarnishing his reputation. Daniel is often the subject of this kind of trolling, though he has gradually gotten less gullible to it. This incident is unique as he seemed to think that these tweets were genuine. This might be due to the fact that his long-running manager, Warren, sent him several, if not all, of these posts, which enhanced their authenticity to Daniel.

Daniel at one point called a Code Silver because he believed that Grace was being taken into custody by the FBI. He also talked about how the FBI was trying to find him in order to bring him to Russia, all of this being 'confirmed' by his manager Warren.

Live Streams

Daniel streamed twice on YouTube and TikTok on that day trying to explain the situation and his popularity.

The second stream had an interesting interaction between Daniel and someone who knew him before his 'fame.' The unknown person asked Daniel how he was doing and offered their condolences for his grandmother's passing.

Fan Interactions

Daniel had a surprising number of fan interactions on that day, which only boosted his ego.

Daniel asking fans to let others know that he was in danger.
Fans stopping at a red light to get out and try and interact with Daniel, but he is very hesitant. He tells them about Grace's 'arrest.'
July 25 interaction with a college student who happened to spot him.

July 25

Daniel continued to post the next day, July 25. In one of these videos, he apologized for the previous day's statements.

Daniel warned us that one day he would be to popular.

YouTube Community Posts

The truth about the property destruction and Golden Colorado at the university college is [that] Bob dropped me off there because [I had] been staying in the college dorms in the hallways. That's where I was sleeping. Bob and I got into an argument and started cussing at each other. Bob said [incomprehensible] bob [sic] didn't believe me and I panicked. And [sic] I smashed my head into the wall causing my head to bleed 🩸[.][8]

Back when I took the 26 million dollar deal when I was in New York City[,] I promised Bob that I would pay for his lawyer out of the money from the label to stop the impersonator impersonating him and to fix the Spotify and my distribution issues.[9]

The reason why I was leaking screenshots of Bob's messages [was because] after he told me to stop and after everyone including the label asked me to stop ... I needed the truth out about what was going on with Bob and I[, a]nd how serious everything was.[10]

The reason why I had to change the price of cameos[sic] [was because n]obody was buying them at $10. I raised the price all the way until it hit $300 one person bought it at $300. One person bought it and that was enough for me to get back on my feet[.][11]

feel [sic] like I have every single right to be concerned and to be upset and for me to expose the record label for what they're doing I am not against the label I just don't like the fact that they're not believing me I wish they would just get up off their feet and actually do something helpful[.][12]

We also have to remember that I did spend a week in the mental health hospital not making a single dollar because I didn't have my phone[.][13]

July 26

The panic, paranoia, and trolling continued on July 26, 2023. Daniel started his day off by stating that he had declared bankruptcy,[14] followed up by an announcement that he would be attending the recording studio three times the following week.[15] Daniel talked about how he took the, "26 million dollar record deal," so that he could pay for all of his expenses. He further demanded that the record company hold up their end of the deal.[16] He also stated that he had chosen to stay on the streets until he had accumulated $10,000 in his bank account.[17] Daniel was convinced that Jacob Sartorius was involved with Grace[18] because they were moving too slow.

After getting angry at his 'record label,' Daniel threw a rock at a gas station window, breaking it.[19] As a result of this, Daniel was charged with "Criminal Mischief - Less than $2,000 - Private Property" and later appeared in court on September 5, 2023.[20]