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A website dedicated to up-to-date information on Daniel Larson, serving as the penultimate encyclopedia for all things Larson-related. You are on this website right now.


The Daniel Larson Wiki was started in June of 2022, particularly influenced by the wikis of both Cyraxx and Chris Chan as an outlet and encyclopedia to document the extensive life of Daniel Larson. During this time, Daniel was already well-known within the sphere of the internet of lolcow communities, and had been covered by some YouTubers to some extent during that time.

The Wiki was DDossed in August of 2022 by cyberattacks from an unknown group of people.

Following the beginning of the Second Jail Arc, the wiki had gained traction, resulting on the bandwidth of the wiki to be limited.


Daniel now has mentioned the wiki a couple of times. In the video, uploaded November 15th 2022, he instructs people to go check it out.

In another video he tells his viewers to "leak this channel to the Daniel Larson Wikipedia"