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This article covers Daniel's arrest for on the 30th of April 2024 for his several federal charges. For other uses, see Jail (Disambiguation)

There are no thoughts behind those eyes.

On April 30, 2024, Daniel was arrested and placed into Jefferson County Detention Facility. The charges against Daniel were not yet known at the time of his arrest. The reason listed was, "courtesy housing for another agency." The next day Daniel was transferred to Clear Creek County Jail, with his mugshot soon being taken.[1]

It was originally thought that Daniel's arrest was due to him violating probation several times, as in the days leading up to his arrest, Daniel defrauded a Buffalo Wild Wings, and admitted to viewing exploitive material of children.[2] However, according to a call made to his manager, Clark, Daniel was arrested for the several terroristic threats he had made over the years. These claims were later backed by documents which revealed that Daniel had been charged with seven counts of threats, which carried a maximum sentence of 65 years.

This was the fifth time Daniel had been arrested in 2024 alone, the most recent of which had occurred just 28 days prior to this. This time around, Daniel is ineligible for bond, and there is a chance that he will never make bond due to the severity of his charges. Since his arrest, Daniel's only contact with the outside world has been through phone correspondence, though this appears to have ceased permanently.

Additionally, his manager, Clark, was thought to have been apprehended at his job due to his association with Daniel for the past 10 months. It was soon revealed that Clark, along with other members of Daniel's management, were investigated by the authorities, who asked for information regarding the threats that Daniel had made. Afterward, Clark officially quit being Daniel's manager, and admitted to lying about everything to Daniel. This aforementioned call is speculated to have been the last contact Daniel has had with the outside world.

This is one of the most significant events in Daniel's life, considering that, as of now, Daniel is currently at risk of being imprisoned for up to 65 years if found guilty on all charges. Many fans see this as being the final nail in the coffin, with his plot armor truly breaking. This has been the most publicized aspect of Daniel's life thus far, as multiple social media accounts and news articles have covered the situation as it unfolded.[3][4] The Second Jail Arc is also the longest period of Daniel being incarcerated, followed by the November 6th Arrest.

On May 31, Daniel was transferred to Englewood Federal Correctional Institution. He is currently in a mental health holding facility for evaluation, and has been institutionalized since July 19 after being found incompetent for trial.

As of July 23, 2024, Daniel is still in custody.


Warrant for Daniel's arrest.

During the summer of 2023, a Secret Service agent named Daniel MacDougall began to investigate Daniel following several terroristic threats he had made, namely one in which he threatened to blow up the White House. This threat in particular came right off of the heels of Daniel having had a destructive meltdown in a Walmart, as well as having his dog taken from him. Proceeding this, Daniel would have multiple meetings with MacDougall, most notably one in which he met up with MacDougall and an associate of his.[5]

Despite being told multiple times by a legitimate Secret Service agent to cease making threats against people, businesses, and government agencies, Daniel refused, doubling down by making threats against MacDougall himself.[6] Due to this, a case would be built against Daniel which would eventually led to his arrest. Law enforcement interrogated both Clark and members of Daniel’s management “team” to confirm threats he had made over the years. This ended up being the final pieces of evidence needed to arrest Daniel.

Daniel's last post before his (well-deserved) arrest.

On April 25th, a warrant was issued for Daniel's arrest. This was thought to be due to Daniel having violated his probation multiple times, even before the issuing of said warrant. This notion was only exacerbated by the fact that only two days after this warrant was issued, he was kicked out of a Pumphouse restaurant by authorities on April 27,[7] and the next day, he was kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings after defrauding the restaurant.

On the evening of April 29, Daniel became inactive on every one of his social media accounts, with his last post stating that he was on the bus back to Boulder.[8]

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

Daniel is well known for making terroristic threats via social media and is speculated to have made over 100 of these threats since 2021. This habit of threat-making appeared to escalate in the weeks preceding his arrest. A prime example of this trend can be seen in the April 6th Meltdown, in which Daniel repeated the phrase "bomb you!" and "kill you!," as well as threatening to vandalize several government buildings. Daniel also made numerous threats against Bob Proctor on his YouTube community tab during this time. Additionally, Daniel threatened to start a mass shooting at a hospital after having been kicked out for loitering in January of the same year.

These threats would not serve him well in the long run, as the Colorado Police Department was slowly build a case against him, charging him with seven counts of threats, which carries a maximum sentence of 65 years. In the indictment calling for Daniel's arrest, each threat Daniel had made that contributed to his arrest was stated, most notably one wherein Daniel threatened to bomb a non-profit organization which was soon discovered to be the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC). The DDRC is a non-profit organization that helped Daniel attain housing in the past, and while the reason behind this threat is unknown, Daniel's threats led to the building being evacuated and searched by bomb-sniffing dogs.

The Arrest

Daniel was arrested on the afternoon of April 30, during his probation meeting. He was booked into the Jefferson County Detention Facility, and was ineligible for bail. His charge was "courtesy housing for another agency." He was transferred to Clear Creek County Jail the next day.[9][10]

It was revealed that the FBI was made aware of the threats from the July 3rd Community Tab Incident, August 29th Meltdown, Christmas Day Meltdown, and March 23rd Meltdown.[11]

Looks like management Better Call Saul!

Clark's (alleged) arrest, and interactions with Bob

On May 3, Clark, Daniel's former manager, reported in a discord server that police officers had shown up at his place of work. Almost instantly afterward, Clark went offline. It was at first assumed that he had been arrested due to allegedly being an accomplice to all of Daniel's threats, as well as having alleged contact with the Secret Service agent that got Daniel arrested in the first place. This was later proven to be false, as it was revealed that Clark had not been arrested.

Text's between Clark and Bob.

Following hours of silence, Clark resurfaced on Discord with concerning messages. He shared that he had been fired from his job for being, "too drunk." Additionally, he was contacted by Bob Proctor, Daniel's mentor, about Daniel allegedly getting into a fight while being held. This was a revelation nobody knew, as it was thought that since the Christmas Day Meltdown, Bob had officially cut ties with Daniel.

After being contacted by bob, Clark stepped down as Daniel's manager. In his final calls to him, he admitted to Daniel that everything he had done up until that point had been fake, and that he would cease contacting him going forward.

Shortly after this call was conducted, a final call between Clark and Daniel was made. In texts to Clark, Bob stated that Daniel wanted to have a man-to-man talk with Clark.[12]

Time In Jail

First Phone Call

On May 2, Flexburger uploaded a call between Clark and Daniel, though it is likely that the call took place sometime on May 1, evidenced by leaked audio.[13][14] Portions of the audio are removed by a robotic voice saying "Property of LarsonLeak."

Daniel started off by stating that the police are looking into Bob's financial situation under the suspicion Bob is committing fraud, Daniel then informs Clark that he has Federal court on Monday, May the 5th, and has acquired a public defender. He later elaborates that he has been deemed a flight risk, and the judge said that he is one step away from acting on these threats. Daniel drops a bombshell that the DDRC building, a service for people with developmental disabilities that had served Daniel in the past, had to be evacuated because of his bomb threats he had made.

Full call between Clark and Daniel.

Automated voice:, please hang up and follow facility instructions to register this number as a private number. To consent to this recorded call, press 1. To disconnect... *Clark presses 1* Automated voice: Thank you for using [REDACTED]. You may start the conversation now.

Daniel: Hello?

Clark: Dan? Jesus Christ, Daniel!

Daniel: Hey, can you hear me?

Clark: Yeah, I can hear you. How are you bud?

Daniel: Oh my God, um... I'm doing okay.*Clark stutters*Daniel: Um, the feds pretty much got me.

Clark: The feds got you?

Daniel: Like... yeah. This time the feds got me, and Bob told me that it wasn't going to happen and he didn't believe me. And, I went to probation yesterday and sure enough, the feds were there and they charged me with seven counts of, um, threats- from threats that I made.

Clark: Seven counts of threats?!

Daniel: Yup, under- under federal court.

Clark: Holy shit!

Daniel: Yeah.

Clark: So this... shit! Uh...

Daniel: And... and not only that, the feds apparently are looking into Bob for his finances and the feds are also, on top of that, now looking into my bank statements to see the real amount he was giving me.

Clark: So they think Bob was also committing fraud as well?

Daniel: They think that he's committing fraud.

Clark: Shit! Holy sh-

[video cuts]

Daniel: through his bank account or is he giving you cash and you're putting it into your bank, and I said both.

Clark: Shit! And why, why did they take you up to [REDACTED]? Are you in [REDACTED] or [REDACTED]?

Daniel: I am in flippin' [REDACTED] of all places.

Clark: What the hell? Yeah I- because I missed your call last night because I didn't have my, uh, debit card or my credit card with me and I was like, alright, I'll just have to wait till tomorrow. Everyone said that...

Daniel: Right. Don't worry. Don't worry about that. It's okay.

Clark: OK.

Daniel: Um, I did also talk to the public defender. Um, I have court on Monday.

Clark: OK.

Daniel: OK, and it IS federal court...

Clark: *gasps, whispers* Fuck...

Daniel: ...they were saying that I was a flight risk and all the garbage that they're gonna say, but, it's okay.

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: But they're looking at trying to put me in, um, like, basically higher security housing.

Clark: Geez!

Daniel: So, it would basically be basic housing, you know, just like *unintelligible*.

[video cuts]

Daniel: Um, they're saying that yes, I would be facing prison time if convicted but my public defender was saying that with me being homeless five years and being out in the cold, whether to point till I feel like I'm gonna die, and I'm panicking. When I panic, I say things that I don't mean-

Clark: True.

Daniel: ...and I didn't mean the threats, I don't know how to make explosive stuff like that, they said that, well, you know, that is true, you know that is- I DEF shouldn't have said. So...

Clark: Wow, that is- that is, that's perfect to say. I would listen to your public defender because he's 100% right. There's no way you could actually make a bomb or do anything that you said.

Daniel: Right, and I don't have a violent history, like, anything like that.

Clark: Exactly.

Daniel: My- the main concern the judge said is that it's one step away from doing so, and that's their concern if I get back out. And they're also concerned that if I get back out I will go back on social media and continue to make threats.

Clark: Holy crap...

Daniel: And... right. And that's what the judge said, and you know what? I'm okay doing a little bit of time, you know? I would rather show I'm gonna be good, you know than, create more issues, right?

Clark: Oh yeah, I agree. I mean, you're-

Daniel: Umm...

Clark: You did well with your 27 days, so.

Daniel: Right.

[video cuts again]

Daniel: you.

Clark: OK.

Daniel: OK, I'm gonna get Grace's number, I'm gonna get Tina's. My public defender also said that they were gonna reach out to Grace.

Clark: OK.

Daniel: So they might reach out to you, they might reach out to Grace, but I did tell them that yes, we are engaged, and they're going to try to reach out to her.

Clark: OK. *inhales, sighs*

Daniel: Um, because they've wanted to let her know that like, I'm okay, and you know, they wanted to see what she wants as well.

Clark: So, are the- are the, are the charges like threats against the government or something like those?

Daniel: It's... I guess they're considering- they're calling it interstate threats.

Clark: OK.

Daniel: They're saying that it's threats and interstate threats.

Clark: Geez...

Daniel: They're not calling it like, terrorist threats, they're not saying anything like that. But they are saying, their biggest concern is apparently DDRC, they had to fully evacuate.

Clark: *chuckles in shock* Geez!

Daniel: And they're saying that that was a big concern. So...

Clark: Oh, after like, comments you made one time they had to evacuate like the whole building or something?

Daniel: Yup, and they brought in bomb-sniffing dogs.

Clark: *chuckling* Jesus Christ!

Daniel: Because like DDRC gets, took it so-

[video cuts, Clark inhales]

Daniel: Which I mean, proves kind of how stupid they are, you know, because they know me so well that like, they know I'm not gonna do that, but *chuckles* kind of ridiculous as you can see!

Clark: *chuckles* Yeah, like why would they even waste their time? They know who you are!

Daniel: Right. Right. Like, they know who I am, I don't know why they're gonna waste their time and then... and not only that, the FBI is saying things about you, um, and not only you, but now a Discord server that I know you're not even in! *coughs*

Clark: Wh- what were they... Jesus Christ, this is a whole mess now!

Daniel: Yeah, so the feds are just trying to get me, you know, like they're- they're trying to call me crazy when this is like, no, because this is what I did and it hap-

[video cuts]

Clark: I agree! Why would you lie, and- I mean, was it MacDou- MacDougall that, MacDougall that picked you up or was it different secret service?

Daniel: Believe it or not, it was MacDougall, MacDougall and he did actually say that like, in the end, he doesn't really care that I did the threats against him, which yes, is a concern and I shouldn't have done it, you know. But he said in the end, that he cares and still- you know, 'cause if he cared, he wouldn't cut contact. *laughs* It's kind of ridiculous, if you ask me!

Clark: Yeah, it's like, I guess he's trying to do his job, but then he knows you so well, he knows the threats aren't- shouldn't be considered real.

Daniel: Right. He knows, he knows that they're not real threats, and then he knows as well, you know like... his concern as well was like, he asked me to stop the first time and I didn't.

Clark: True.

Daniel: And I guess that is his point.

Clark: And he did ask, he did ask me to stop saying that I was an actual lawyer before, because I was still a law student and he did get mad about that. That was a thing that started the whole thing for me.

Daniel: Well, yeah, and I mean, you first got contact, right? It was under crazy circumstances.

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: Like, you were lying for safety.

Clark: True.

Daniel: At this point, I feel like people need to announce the truth of what's really going on.

Clark: Oh no- I, I agree. It's all gonna come out anyway in the trial, so.

Daniel: Right, and I mean Tina, cuz I mean Daniel MacDougall- Dougall, also told me about, um... Tina's... um, comment, and said like, "Didn't Tina say don't contact Grace anymore?" and I'm sitting there going like, that's months ago, years ago, and since then, Tina is now understanding of what's going on.

Clark: Geez, so yeah, that Instagram comment from a while ago?

Daniel: But anyways, what I' m gonna do is I'm gonna call you back tomorrow...

Clark: OK.

Daniel: OK, um, we might need to figure out a way to put money on my books.

Clark: OK, I can help with that.

[call ends]

Second Phone Call

From a video posted by Larsonleak raw on the 12th of May, 2024, also featuring Kusari, a phone call from the 6th of May was leaked. This call is the most serious out of all of them. The calls contents contain Clark revealing everything to Daniel, from his UCLA classes being fake, to Clark not actually being a lawyer or a manager of his.

This occurred after management, as well as Clark, were interrogated by the police due to their involvement with Daniel. Clark elaborates that due to Daniel, he had lost 2 (and possibly) jobs due to him, and that this call to Daniel was, "the most important call of his life". While speaking to him, Clark does not give Daniel much room to speak, and it can be heard how shocked Daniel is.

Full call between Clark and Daniel.

Automated voice: ...and follow facility instructions to register this number as a private number. To consent to this recorded call, press 1.

Daniel: Hello?

Clark: (firmly) OK Daniel, I need you to listen completely for the next 10 minutes and I need to talk to you, okay? I need you to not interrupt me and I need you to be fucking serious right here cuz this is probably this- the only time, it's one of the most important things I'm ever gonna tell you.

Daniel: OK.

Clark: All of this has been it's... it's fake, man. I mean, I'm not Clark, I'm not a lawyer, I don't work for Interscope. Grace doesn't want to talk to you, there is- Grace, the only reason Grace knows you is 'cause she thinks either a predator and creep, and the only time you've ever talked to Tina was 'cause she was telling you to back away. I mean, it hurts to say, UCLA was fake, Interscope was fake, every single thing we did, it was fake. *Daniel sighs, and can be heard breathing heavily* I mean- None of that was real, Daniel. I mean... and I can't keep leading you on here, and- and, to be honest, you do need to learn your lesson, and I- I know we've acted like friends for the past, what, 9 months, but really, you're sick, you're a sick guy, man. And I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, then I would see you send those [REDACTED] to 15 year old Sky Brown, say your things, you- you need... you need to get some help, and I've been recording everything, I've- we even worked with MacDougall for a while, and it... I... and I'm done. *stutters a bit* Like, I'm- I... like, it's over man. There isn't anything else to say. I've been lying to you, I've been faking fucking everything, um, Grace doesn't even know who, if she knows who you are, she thinks you're a weirdo, and... yeah. *sighs* I mean, and I get some circumstances, but at the same time, you really are a menace to the streets of Colorado.

[video cuts a bit]

Clark: I'm a 20 year old kid from St. Louis in community college, and I know literally nothing, so. Um, I am gonna say, I won't be answering any more calls anymore. This is probably the last time we'll ever talk.

Daniel: Right. No, I... I understand.

Clark: But you don't. That's the thing, Daniel. You keep convincing yourself, Grace and all that, it's not- she doesn't want you, like, she- I've never talked to her in her life. How do you think all our calls end up on the internet too? Like, I- I mean, you're fucked and I- I... it's, it's over, you know? I'm sorry, not really at the same time, because this has been the fucking weirdest 10 months of my life, and I've had to been talking to a pretty much pedophile for that whole time while also hurting my image, I even got fired for my fucking job in real life for this, Daniel. So *clears throat*

[video cuts]

Daniel: I mean, you do have a point.

Clark: *to person in background* No, I'm in the middle of the most important call of my life right now.

Daniel: *unintelligible* I mean, uh, to be honest, I kind of knew that you were trolling, and that's why I kept qrestioning (questioning) everything.

[Call lasts for another 16 minutes, mostly Daniel giving muffled responses and repeating himself. Clark hangs up.]

Final Phone Call

Daniel called Clark for the last time on May 9, 2024. Clark reluctantly agreed to do this after former members of Daniels management convinced him to do so.

Considering Clark's unwillingness to speak with Daniel after this call, this is most likely the final time Daniel will have contact with outside world.


Automated Voice: ...recorded and may be monitored. If you believe this should be a private call, please hang up and follow facility instructions to register this number as a private number. To consent to this recorded call, press 1. *Clark presses 1* To disconnect... Thank you for using [REDACTED]. You may start the conversation now.

Daniel: Hello?

Clark: Hi Daniel. OK, so pu-

Daniel: Hi. I- Sorry, before you say anything, I wanna tell you that I am extremely sorry and I want to try to fix our friendship.

Clark: I mean, it's not just- I feel like you have a lot of people to say sorry to mostly. Not just me, more like Bob, and the di- the restaurants and all the people that... even Grace in a way for tormenting her and her family for the past couple years.

Daniel: I- I agree and I will take the blame, but I want to fix everything, you know? We all make mistakes and, you know, we all make mistakes and it's how we move forward. Right, and it's how we make progress.

Clark: I agree and I know that Bob's been talking to you recently, so I hope you said sorry to him and everything, 'cause I'm surprise he's even still talking to you after what everything that went down.

Daniel: I- I understand. And you know, with- with Grace I also understand what you said about it.

Clark: And.. that starts with me being honest too, and I regret even all the fake Graces and all that, yeah, that wasn't right to do for Grace too, 'cause I don't know her in real life and I know she was probably not happy with people pretending to be her for the past couple years, so that does start with us too. But, the way you took it was a little too far in some ways, and I mean, and I do think-

Daniel: *interrupts* I-I-I do agree.

Clark: Yeah.

Daniel: You know, I... we've been in contact for so long now, you know what I mean, I- I want us to be friends.

Clark: I mean, you do understand everything I told you though in the last call, like all of this has been pretty much made up. I know it's for you to- to know but you gotta realize that before the trial, before they think you're crazy.

Daniel: Right, and, you know, I- I agree.

Clark: I mean, and...

Daniel: And, *stammers* I do have to say that I do kind of know what, well I do know what my public defender is going to ask tomorrow, but I don't know if they're going to approve it this time or the next court date, but I do know that we're making progress in the right direction.

Clark: OK, well I think this was a good conversation, but everything starts with a couple sorries here and there. Do you have anything that you wanna say to like, everybody out there? Like, 'cause I'm getting people are gonna get these phone calls through that so I- you should, if you wanna explain yourself to everybody on, on Reddit...

Daniel: Right.. you know, what I want- what I want is, I want an apology to the entire fanbase, and not only to the fanbase, but I want, you know, an apology going out about the leaking of the phone calls, stuff like that.

Clark: And just, everything. Even Sky Brown. *chuckles*

Daniel: Just like, literally everything at this point. You know, I mean, if we go into detail, it's gonna be way too much right now.

Clark: True.

Daniel: You know what I mean? And we're on a timed phone call with, you know, money going through. I'm to a point to where, like, I wanna try to fix this with everything, and I want the real truth to be heard.

Clark: And the truth will be heard Daniel. So like, we.. I gotta go, but we'll...

[call ends]


Daniel is currently facing serious legal charges. Initially, he was facing six counts of, "Use or Threatened Use of Explosive," and one count of, "Interstate Communication of Threats."[15] Each, "Use or Threatened Use of Explosive," charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in federal prison. The, "Interstate Communication of Threats" charge could add another five years.[16][17] Based off of all seven charges, the maximum jail time that Daniel could face was 65 years in prison. It is difficult to accurately estimate to the fines that Daniel may face as they range quite substantially. On July 17, 2024, a user of Reddit that four charges were dropped, all being the "Use or Threatened Use of Explosive" charges, reducing his maximum possible sentence to 25 years.


Court Appearances and Legal Proceedings

Daniel's public defender, Jared Westbroek.

As mentioned in the calls with Clark, Daniel was assigned a public defender due to him not having the means to obtain a lawyer. His attorney was soon identified as Jared Scott Westbroek. According to Daniel, his public defender is attempting to argue that Daniel could not have carried out any of his threats as he lacked the resources to do so, therefore he should be released.

Motion for Daniel's release

On May 10, right before Daniel's court hearing, documents were found that detailed Daniel's public defender was introducing a motion for Daniel's immediate release. However, this motion, along with one filed the day before were both denied by the judge.[18][19]

These documents requested that Daniel be outfitted with an ankle tracker and placed under mandatory mental health treatment. This document also mentions placing Daniel into a halfway house, where he would presumably stay if he were to come out of jail, which has not happened yet.

As of June 29, this motion has been left unresolved.

TLDR; He's not getting out.

May 10 court appearance

"Nothing was accomplished."

Daniel appeared in court for an arraignment on May 10, 2024, and pleaded not guilty to all charges. Due to his not guilty plea, Daniel was not released from jail. Daniel was given a new trial date, set to July 15, which was stated in the Order of Detention following the trial. According to Bob, Daniel stated that, "nothing was accomplished" following the hearing's conclusion.

In texts to Clark, Bob tells him that he would be held until a mental health evaluation was conducted (which Daniel will most definitely fail). Additionally, Bob states that Daniel says the the "appearance got leaked," although it is unclear as to what Daniel meant by this.

Order of detention

After the court hearing, the judge, Norman Reid Neureiter, issued an order of detention. This confirmed that Daniel would, in fact, remain in jail after pleading not guilty, as well as the judge demanding that Daniel complete a mandatory mental health evaluation. This order of detention also touches upon Daniel's request to be released.

May 27 Docket Report

On May 27, a docket report was issued that detailed all of what had happened up to that point during Daniel's incarceration. In addition, a docket from May 23 ordered Daniel to have a mental health evaluation. His July 10th and 15th court dates were canceled, and he is undergoing an evaluation at a mental health facility. [20]

May 31 Transfer

Details of his transfer.

On May 31, Daniel was transferred to Englewood Federal Correctional Institution, which, coincidentally, is the same facility where sex offender Jared Fogle, and Thomas Lane, one of the police officers involved in the arrest and subsequent murder of George Floyd are being held.

Competency Report

A psychiatric report was filed on July 11, 2024. He was found incompetent for trial on July 19, and is currently institutionalized in a mental health facility until NET September 23. [21]

Future Hearings

Daniel has a competency hearing scheduled for September 23, 2024. [22] Four of the threat charges were dropped, reducing his maximum sentence to 25 years and indicating that he may have taken a plea deal. [23]


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