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On July 5th, 2022. Daniel Larson announced his newly created Twitch account daniellarsontv, where former manager Ox runs the streams and allocates all the donations to daniel. On the Twitch, Daniel speaks of current events and reacts to donation messages and text-to-speech. The first stream is archived at this link.


One of the main goals of the stream was to get Daniel into some sort of housing as well as generate some extra income.

Hotel Room

Thanks to people donating to the stream Daniel was able to rent a hotel room.


This was the first time "in six months" that Daniel was able to sleep in a real bed. He spent a lot of time sleeping in the hotel room, and even did a sleep stream.


Due to not having an ID Daniel was eventually kicked out of the hotel room. Along with staying while he wasn't allowed, during the stream his hotel was leaked, causing many phone calls to come in looking for Daniel.


Daniel was able to get a three day stay in an AirBnB thanks to donations on stream. Brink visited many times throughout the stay.


While a good amount of money has come in thanks to these streams, money Daniel has used for housing and food. Daniel does not always want to stream, sometimes opting to hang out with friends or even uploading videos speaking against aspects of the stream.

Sleep Stream

One of Daniels streams was a sleep stream with donation sounds enabled. It went about how you would expect.

Roke up

Daniel is woken up by a donation playing The Final Countdown

Daniel comes very close to ending the stream due to these interruptions.

His response

Not a fan.

N Word

Unpredictably Daniel said the N word during a stream on August 1st 2022.

In the video Daniel is apparently responding to someone sending him death threats. Daniel immediately realizes his mistake with a grin. Ox and others on the stream also react.

Daniel attempted an apology but could not get through it without laughing, much to the annoyance of Ox and others hosting the stream.

Nuclear Attack

On August 2nd 2022 Daniel was subject to a prank by Ox where they displayed a fake Nuclear Attack warning video for Daniel to which he promptly took action. Later finding out it was a prank and getting very upset with Ox.


On August 2nd 2022 Daniel was banned from Twitch for apparently saying "Beaner" [1] though with other incidents such as the Nuclear Attack it may have been a couple of other things as well.