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The Homeless Era was the most influential and longest running Era in the Daniel Larson saga, with there only being temporary breaks when Daniel manages to get motels, or, very rarely, housing. The Homeless Era began after Daniel ran away from his caretaker, Jonas, in around the end of 2021[lower-alpha 1] under the belief that he was being abused by him. The Homeless Era temporarily stopped when Daniel got into housing again with the Shields Foundation, but picked up once more following an altercation with his care providers which resulted in him being removed from their house. The Homeless Arc ended on the 3rd of February 2024 when Daniel Larson was arrested.


To the surprise of many, Daniel has been able to (albeit, barely) survive being homeless, though it has had severe consequences for his health. He has done so through various, oftentimes illegal means, such as dine and dashing. causing scenes in public areas, which in some cases has resulted in him getting arrested.

Since he is almost constantly on his phone (such as when he ran an entire marathon, phone in hand), Daniel will usually charge his phone at restaurants or in other public areas. On occasion, Daniel will resort to trespassing if he cannot find a receptacle in a public place, causing points of contention with the staff after he is found in them.

The events leading up to this era occurred after Daniel was put into another group home, living with a host named Jonas and a housemate named Gavin. To put it bluntly, the household was in a constant state of chaos,[1] so much so, that at one point, Daniel believed that he was "poisoned" with mustard in his macaroni and cheese. Daniel fled from the house, as he couldn't take the chaos (that was mostly caused by him) that ensued within Jonas' household. The departure may have also been influenced by trolls or managers. This "manager" informed him that Grace VanderWaal was in Colorado Springs, and that Daniel had 24 hours to get there from Denver if he wanted to be with her.

Wear and tear

Being without a home does not provide ample opportunity for bathing. When Daniel is given the opportunity to clean himself he often refuses it. Daniel has been in a visibly dirty state for months on end.

"Conclusion" of the homeless arc

The Homeless Arc came to a close when Daniel was approached by Briiink, which was the name of a TikTok account run by two teenage boys who were fans of him. Briiink took Daniel out for meals, bathing, and a haircut, which made him look presentable in public again. Daniel was then introduced to Twitch, a popular streaming service, by Ox, a discord user. Through Twitch he was able to receive donations which he used to get hotels or Airbnbs.

Return of the homeless arc

While Daniel has stopped streaming on Twitch, his housing situation is far from stable. Daniel broke his phone at one point, which made it difficult to make contact with people.

Broken phone

On July 26, 2022, Daniel broke his phone by throwing it during heated argument with his 'mentor.' Daniel never said who this mentor was, but usually when Daniel references his mentor, it is Bob (or a Bob impersonator). Daniel could have also been speaking about Brink. While Daniel was explaining the situation, he accidentally dropped his new $300 tablet that he was 'forced' to buy, breaking it.

DDRC visit

On July 27, 2022, Daniel visited the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) in an attempt to obtain housing and explain his court situation.

Brief intermission

On August 31, 2022, Daniel was placed into a home. Within a couple of days after moving in, he had already caused damage to the house.


Daniel was kicked out of his housing on October 16, 2022, and received a $1,000 citation due to the property damage. "Miss P" told police that she was in fear for her life because of Daniel, "...and his popularity."

Video assembled by "Daniel Larson Curator"

Transported to Colorado Springs

On October 19, Daniel spent some time with his 'new friends' at Dave & Buster's. The next day, on October 20, after spending the night in a hotel, they brought Daniel up to Colorado Springs. Here is is alleged that they realized Daniel was too much trouble and abandoned him at a Walgreens. Daniel felt forced to walk back to Denver; he made it to Monument, Colorado before being picked up by fans. That night, Daniel refused to go to a homeless shelter because he thought he was too famous.

Preparing for the Cold

Daniel spends most of his time in Denver, Colorado, which has average lows of 23 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter.[2] Daniel has never been homeless during the winter, causing some to question his ability to survive in these conditions. Daniel has already been forced to spend a night in an elevator with other homeless men.

Homeless Elevator

On October 25, 2022, Daniel uploaded a video in which he is sharing an elevator with three other presumably homeless men. Lighters are visible in the video, indicating that there may have been drug use, although this is merely speculation.

An unknown fan tracked down the location to 39°45'23.5"N 105°00'06.9"W, matching the metal grating seen in the video with the stairs going up to the pedestrian bridge located there.

Sleeping on mountains and use of storage unit

On December 30 2023 Daniel was livestreaming on TikTok when he had a conversation with a fan. Daniel revealed that he had slept on top of a mountain and that he has a storage unit where he keeps some of things, including a sleeping bag.


I slept up on Lookout Mountain.

On Lookout Mountain there?

I walked all the way up, yeah.

Wait, like on the bench or something?

There's, there's like a picnic area all the way up near Buffalo Bill's grave.


And I went all the way up there.

Is it indoors or?

It's outdoors.

Man, were you cold man?

Yeah. It is what it is right now.

Need to buy you a hat or something or something? Seriously. It's like all you, all you have to wear?

I have a, well I got a storage unit down in Denver now.


And I have a sleeping bag and stuff down there. So.

Do you bring it around with you?

I try to, but it's dangly people coming up to me.


So, it is what it is.

Well, it's cool meeting you bro.

Thank you. Do you want to make a TikTok or something or? Sure, sure. Yeah, that's fine. I can do a TikTok. Cool. I'm gonna get my TikTok up. Cause I have a, you don't have to post it on yours. Yeah, also, I know you need money, but it's, when you put your.

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  1. The exact date of this is unclear, but it can be assumed that Daniel ran away around the end of 2021, due to Daniel being definitely homeless during the Headset Arc, which happened during early 2022.