Goated Mines

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Goated Mines
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Name: Erik
Aliases: Goated Mines
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Alignment: YouTuber, troll
Gender: Male
Race: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Height and Weight: N/A
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Erik, better known as Goated Mines, is a former YouTuber that made content about Daniel in 2023. He is well-known for orchestrating the rescue of Daniel's former dog, Zola, and making the first ever documentary on World of T-Shirts, another well-known individual that Daniel had interacted with.

After being doxxed following the rescue of Zola, Goated Mines withdrew from the community before eventually unlisted any and all Daniel-related video's he had uploaded onto his YouTube channel, as well as deleting his Reddit around, U/GoatedPiston.


Goated Mines' videos have been found and reuploaded on YouTube sometime in March of 2024. You can watch them here.


0:00 Introduction to Daniel Larson

3:54 Who is Bob? A look into Daniel Larson's Mentor, Friend, and Victim

20:45 A Full Breakdown of Daniel Larson's Mental Health and Disorders: How crazy can he get?

54:28 Daniel Larson's Incredible Physique: A Complete Breakdown of his Body and Health

1:40:39 Daniel Larson Got a Dog... We need to save it...

1:52:49 Call with daniel about the walmart incident, after the dog was stolen

2:01:45 Daniel Larson Dognapping, A Trailer by FlexBurger. Video to come soon...

2:02:16 Saving Daniel Larson's Dog: Operation Save Music.