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Is this physique natty attainable?

A predominant theme in the Daniel Larson saga is Daniel's chronic mental health issues and his deteriorating physical health. Daniel is considered by many to have poor nutrition. He has refused to bathe despite the general uncleanliness of his surroundings. Lack of hygiene can bring higher risk to diseases and bacteria. [1]

Physical Health

Due to often being homeless, having an aversion to most forms of hygiene, and considered to be unsanitary (e.g. the poop rag incident), he is at high risk of disease and infection. [2] His various warrants have listed his basic information; he is a 5'10" Caucasian male who weighs about 115 pounds (equivalent to a BMI of 16.4), which according to the Center for Disease and Control is underweight. [3] His hospital records from the Red Robin Poisoning state a weight of 119 pounds and a BMI of 17.07, which also classifies as underweight.

A picture of Daniel from 2019
A photo of Daniel's scabies rashes


Scabies is a highly contagious infection of the skin by the small mite sarcoptes scabiei. [4] Daniel Larson has been medically recognized and treated for having this infection, and as such it is highly recommended to avoid any physical contact. [5]

Scabies mites cause extreme discomfort and possible bleeding, creating pimple-like rashes that can become infected. Scabies is notoriously difficult to treat and extremely easy to spread, with most hospitals destroying the clothes of patients with scabies and putting them in strict containment.[6]

Daniel Larson first showed signs of scabies sometime in early 2023 during the Las Vegas Arc, when he was homeless in Las Vegas.

Daniel was seen wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time and not bathing even when he had the chance to. Streets are knowingly not clean, and in porta-potties around other homeless people who were highly likely to have carried disease. [7]

In January of 2023, Daniel started showing off mysterious rashes on his skin, which was met with concern about a risk of infection due to him aggressively scratching and irritating the potential wounds further.

In the same month, r/daniellarson armchair-diagnosed him with scabies, which was worrying as Daniel was in Disneyland at the time of diagnosis, and was in close contact of other people on bus and carnival rides, as well as other homeless people who slept near him.

The community spread warnings of Daniel all over Facebook, warning people to stay away from him and to visit the hospital if they were in close contact.[8]

Daniel eventually visited the hospital in January of 2023 and was given treatment. A video of a very drugged-out Daniel bidding goodbye to his scabies exists on the Scabies page alongside more information.


Assaults, Altercations

Bodega Injuries

During the New York arc on April 5th, 2023, Daniel had a large, distinctive laceration on his nose as a result of the Bodega Incident. Daniel kept picking off the scab, showing a hole in his nose. Several of his videos were hidden by TikTok by how gory they were. During this incident, Daniel assaulted a worker at a bodega after he was harassed and agitated by a couple of teenagers.

Daniel sustained multiple injuries, including a black eye and this large cut on his nose. He was worried about a potential concussion, but after a screening at a hospital, no concussion nor fractures was found.

He could be seen later with gauze in, and a bandage on his nose.[9]

Fan assault

On February 23rd, 2023, after a two-week absence during the Las Vegas Arc, re-appeared on social media claiming that two fans attacked him on East Fremont Street.

Allegedly, the two fans greeted Daniel outside of a casino and led him down to Fremont, where they pushed him down, kicked him, and stole his phone. While this attack is serious, it seems like Daniel has no permanent injuries.


Daniel will engage in self-harm by banging his head on objects and hitting himself, usually when he is frustrated, having a meltdown, or extremely agitated. Daniel has self-harmed many times, most severely in the Bob Proctor meltdown, wherein Daniel banged his head into his own hands and the dashboard of Bob's car multiple times, even after being told to stop. Daniel also hit himself until he bled during the Panera Bread incident on November 10, 2023.

Head banging and punching oneself while under duress is probably a result of autism, as about 30% of autistic children engage in these behaviors.[10] In most cases it is a reaction to a stressor. More information on Daniel’s instances of self-harm can be found here.

The aforementioned self-harm may also be a result of bipolar disorder, as up to 50% of sufferers of the disorder exhibit self-harming behaviours and the resultant injuries.[11]

Trench Foot

Main Article: Trench Foot

Trench foot is a type of foot damage caused by excessive and long-term exposure to moisture, where the foot shows signs of decay and becomes painful due to moisture damage.[12]

Daniel Larson was diagnosed with the condition after a couple of months of homelessness, and Daniel recorded videos of himself in the hospital. His treatment of it is listed below.

Daniel in early 2023 posted that he has worn the same moldy socks for months and that his feet are black,[13] stinking, and bleeding profusely.[14]

However, upon the surfacing of closer photos of his feet, it is clear that he either does not have necrosis, or has an early stage of it (it is unclear which). Daniel has a large plantar wart at the bottom of his heel, which is not very severe, but what he does have that is concerning is discoloration of the foot, and odd splotches at the sole of his foot, which could be early necrosis[Citation needed].

A major concern now is a possible blood clot or circulation issues. Daniel has constant inflammation and discoloration of his ankle, and he has talked about losing feeling in his foot.

Other foot issues
  • Inflammation around ankle
    • Daniel's ankle is massively inflamed[15] and consistently so, which is extremely worrying. It could be sign of infection, injury, too much walking (which is not helping his trench foot), or lack of proper blood flow to the area. It could also be lymphedema, which can be a result of bacteria or some sort of contamination.
  • Blister
    • Daniel has a massive blister at the heel of his foot.[15]
  • Plantar warts
    • Daniel has multiple plantar warts on his feet, which are benign and will likely resolve themselves.
  • Foot fungus
    • On a YouTube Short, Daniel showcases his toes. His big toe is green due to a foot fungus, and the nail bed is shifted way back in the toe, presumably from walking long distances in small women's shoes. His other toenails are overgrown and yellow.

Dental Health

Daniel's poor dental health is exhibited throughout his content. Daniel suffers from hypodontia, which is the developmental absence of one or more teeth excluding the third molars. In November 2022, it was confirmed[16] by Luke, a former management member, during a Reddit Q&A that Daniel is missing teeth due to hypodontia.[17]

As of November 14, 2023, Daniel is homeless so it is more difficult for him to brush his teeth. He also doesn't want to because of his aversion to general hygiene (and the fact some autistic people have sensory issues related to teeth, though Daniel has never shown any sensory issues). This has lead to general poor dental health including cavities and yellow teeth. Due to his homelessness and lack of money and insurance (and laziness), Daniel may not be able to visit a dentist; his crooked teeth have gone unstraightened. He visibly has a misshapen dental arch. His front 2 teeth are different sizes, possibly from unfixed crowding, and only his front 2 teeth are displayed while talking, possibly a sign of an overbite.

Overall, due to a lack of a dentist and dental hygiene, Daniel's dental health is extremely poor.

Physical Appearance

Many have speculated that Daniel likely has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome based on his physical appearance. Notably his smaller than usual head, his droopy eyes, and his thin upper lip has been considered to be signs that he may have something of the sort.[18] While his mothers impaired state may had added complexity to the situation, it may be no surprise that Elizabeth may have drank during her pregnancy. Oftentimes FAS can lead to stunted development in children, which Daniel demonstrates very clearly.


On November 19, 2023, Daniel posted on his YouTube community page that he was in the hospital due to stomach pain. He would later add that he is pre-diabetic and is waiting on confirmation if he has heart issues and skin cancer.[19] Considering that Daniel always eats out at restaurants,[20] it is not a surprise that he is pre-diabetic and may have heart issues. Additionally, it is likely that he may develop skin cancer due to years of him being out in the sun all day, so much so that his exposed skin is visibly aged.

Mental health

Understanding of Sex

Daniel has an extremely poor and warped view of sexual intercourse, mostly stemming from his stunted sexual development, comprehension skills, and mental age. This is most likely a factor behind his alleged pedophilia, and also potentially even because of sexual abuse in his past. Though this is not an excuse/justification for this.

"Who has had sex and who hasn't"
"Who has had sex and who hasn't" "I have not"

Daniel has an incredibly childish view of sex and what sex is like, so much so that Daniel idolizes it and has odd ideas of how sex works. He knows very little about sex; he is noticeably confused about basic sexual terminology. For example, Daniel has called ejaculation "..the peeing feeling"[Citation needed]. Most of Daniel's sexual fantasies are recreations of what he pictures within his mind and not from sexual experience. Daniel has admitted on various occasions that he is a virgin.

Daniel seems very interested in furthering his sexual education, often asking people via private messages if they have had sex, what it felt like, and other similar questions. Even in group messages, Daniel did not shy away from showing his unbridled sexual inquiries.

A person who was in one of these group chat documents their experiences, posted on the r/daniellarson subreddit.

"He has an incredibly childish view of sex and what sex is like, to the point he idolizes sex and has very weird fantasies and ideas of how sex works. This furthers the point that he has a very childish mind, potentially even because of sexual abuse in the past."

"He’s VERY intrigued on furthering his sexual education. Kinda like how when most of us had to watch “the movie” growing up before graduating elementary school. It was funny, it was new, and just the prospect of talking about it in school was kinda exciting when we were like 11. Back in 2021 Daniel used to add me and a bunch of people from the Larson lore (i.e. Sabbath, Lil Sid, etc) to these group chats where he’d literally be like “Okay so has anyone ever had sex? What did it feel like? Was it warm? What did you think about during it?” Super strange, he’d just fire off questions like that. I definitely have screenshots somewhere in Google photos."[21]

"Are you ok with telling me what it felt like"

Daniel shows a lack of understanding around sex, often wondering and asking if rape feels any good at all. He is very apathetic about consent and to a larger extent, rape. When a troll pretending to be Grace VanderWaal told him that she was being raped, he asked if it felt good and various other questions as to what being raped was like. This was presumably so Daniel could get off to the thought of his favorite celebrity and long-time crush engaging in sexual activity. Perhaps he asked these questions because the troll was pretending to be Grace, but even people who aren't Grace VanderWaal are asked similar questions.

This behavior is most likely explained by his ignorance about the world, which causes him to be quite naïve about how bad rape actually is. To Daniel, it is nothing more than another word for sex.


Main Article: Pedophilia

Pedophilia has always been a touchy subject for Daniel. During the initial leaking of Daniel's Pinterest account, he had at first attempted to deny all claims that he was a pedophile, pretending he hadn't even known what Pinterest was, before backtracking and boldly admitting it to the camera.

Daniel's pedophilia dates as far back to when he was 18, where he had seen 12 year-old Grace VanderWaal on America's Got Talent. Daniel's grandmother Nancy Shimer told Daniel that he would have a chance at dating Grace, which resulted in Daniel's years long obsession with Grace, sexual fantasies about Grace, and stalking[Citation needed]. Even though Grace is now an adult, during the years when Daniel started TikTok she was still underage, and Daniel did not shy away from talking about her in inappropriate ways. When messaging with trolls who pretended to be Grace, Daniel had (and still presumably has) a habit of sending photos of Grace from her childhood which he attempted to sexualize[Citation Needed].

Daniel is well aware of the allegations of pedophilia against him, and has vehemently denied it. To try to salvage his reputation, when he spoke to a person he thought was a minor on Kik, he changed his name to "Bill Carter" in an attempt to evade suspicion and throw people off his scent. Events such as this highlight that Daniel is aware that what he's doing is wrong, although he shows no sign of stopping.

Additionally, on January 16, 2023, Daniel admitted on a livestream that he is indeed a pedophile, admitting so to "be able to put an end to it", which was screen-recorded by Reddit user Competitive-Poem-206 and posted to the subreddit.[22]

Sex Toys

Daniel has made numerous purchases for sex toys, his go-to toy being a fleshlight, or "pocket pussy".

Danny you dirty dog.

On July 30th, 2023, he purchased one of them from a sex shop while speaking to another fake Grace troll.[23] The fleshlight was bought using money that Bob Proctor had supplied to Daniel to buy essentials such as food, water, and clothes, which he never did.

Daniel showing off the fleshlight.

In these messages, Daniel claims that he was getting something for "us", as if the troll was going to feel Daniel using the fleshlight. Using Bob's money, he purchased a fleshlight from a sex shop (which sex shop is unknown), and showed it off to the troll. Daniel lost the bag he kept the fleshlight in.

Daniel showing off his fleshlight on his TikTok account.

On August 15th, 2023, Daniel purchased 4 more fleshlights, 2 of them resembling a man's anus. Daniel claimed to have spent $500 dollars that day. Daniel's reasoning for buying all four instead of just one is unknown. Daniel's obsession with buying expensive things instead of saving his resources while homeless is a mystery. Due to Daniel's homelessness, there is a very strong chance that if he ever gets around to using these toys, they will most likely remain uncleaned and absolutely filthy.

When Daniel was arrested in Boulder, a fleshlight could be seen in bodycam footage of the officer searching his backpack. The fleshlight was not removed by the officer.

Usage of Drugs

While he doesn't often show it, Daniel has used both prescription and more illicit drugs. He has largely abandoned the usage of prescription drugs likely owing to their high cost and his lack of insurance, but he has drank and consumed marijuana (albeit through a hotbox, and not of his own volition) before. There is no evidence (yet, at least) to suggest Daniel has smoked tobacco or done any hard drugs (which can range in nature from psychedelic mushrooms to methamphetamine.)


There is some evidence to suggest at least a few of his meltdowns can be attributed to alcohol usage, with at least a part of the tech destruction spree in July of 2022 having Daniel claim he slammed a device on the concrete.


His alcoholic beverage of choice is beer, with Daniel being known to have stated he was going out for beers at least once.

Gotta have that beer.jpg

Daniel claims alcoholism is part of what ruined his life, stating he was pressured into alcohol (perhaps by past Management) and became addicted. He can be seen drinking it whenever he is more well off than usual and oftentimes when he is at sporting events, see Timeline. It is generally believed that if Daniel was better off, his drinking would likely be far more regular, perhaps to the point of it being a problem.


Daniel has been under the influence of marijuana before, though the only evidence of this comes as a result of being hotboxed by fans. Daniel's reaction in this particular case appears to be excitedly screaming and yelling, perhaps as a result of the specific strain of marijuana being a sativa strain, or at the least a sativa-heavy hybrid strain. It could also be possible that Daniel had a negative experience that caused him to panic, although his excitement generally suggests the former.

Prescription Medication

Daniel, being autistic and mentally ill, needs prescription medication to control himself. In spite of this, he refuses to fill his prescriptions largely because he is lazy and believes he doesn't need them, and also because they are too expensive for him to purchase most of the time, and when he does have money he often spends it on other things he doesn't really need to function. Daniel has refused to take his scabies medication because he couldn't afford the $90 to refill it, which caused it to become severe enough to require a hospital trip (see Scabies treatment below).

Daniel is currently prescribed Latuda and one other unknown medication.


Two-week mental hospital visit

After threatening people with fireworks, Daniel was put into a mental hospital which he has described as "A living hell"[24], where he was given Latuda, a medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.[25]

Scabies treatment

Daniel was diagnosed with scabies in 2023 and was prescribed a lotion. Daniel proceeded to not use the lotion, as he spent the money dedicated towards the lotion on food from The Cheesecake Factory.

Eventually, the scabies became so severe it got to the point he was bleeding out of his skin. Daniel went to the hospital and received a dose of Ivermectin and was cleaned off. Following the visit, his scabies went into remission.

Trench foot treatment

Trench foot isn't a disease and is only treatable, not curable. The doctor told Daniel to keep his feet dry, limit his walking, change his socks often, and find a homeless shelter or hotel to sleep at. Daniel proceeded to do none of this.

Trench foot, if it gets severe enough, can require amputation. This is a severe disorder, and recently Daniel has posted videos of his feet bleeding due to damage.

Caretakers, assisted living, and case managers

Daniel Larson has lived in multiple assisted living facilities with multiple caretakers, which were coordinated by a multitude of case managers.

Daniel has run away from his caretaker Jonas' house. Daniel has chosen to be homeless rather than be in the same house as him due to a multitude of incidents, like his fight with Jonas and him thinking that his caretaker poisoned his Mac n' Cheese.

Red Robin Poisoning

Main article: Red Robin Poisoning

Daniel admitted himself to the hospital on April 11, 2024 complaining about a "stomach bug" after vomiting a lot, likely from poisoned food from Red Robin. He was discharged a day later, before coming back due to migraines.


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