July 2022 Electronic Destruction Spree

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In late July of 2022, Daniel Larson went on a $1k+ Electronic and property destruction spree for over a week. Most of the items were purchased through Twitch donation funds, but some of them belonged to the property owner of the Airbnb he was staying at.

This spree resulted in the destruction of a $400 pair of headphones, a $300 tablet, a cellphone of unknown cost, a TV, and a door.

Daniel posting about purchasing the $400 Headphones, In which he would destroy just 3 days later.

Timeline of Events

  • On July 20th 2022, Daniel most likely received his first Twitch Donation check from Ox, in which he promptly spent the entire check on a $400 Pair of highly expensive Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones.
  • Just 3 Days later on July 23rd, Daniel posted a video claiming that a group of "fans" had "spotted" him, which in turn caused Daniel to flee. While doing so he fell and injured himself quite significantly, and also somehow completely destroyed the $400 Pair of Headphones in the process, despite this not necessarily being possible from a fall at that height. Daniel also said his phone was damaged in the fall.
  • On July 25th, Daniel posted an Instagram video claiming that he had broken a TV and a door in the Airbnb he was staying at over a situation with his Therapist Tiffany. There is also footage of him slamming into a door in the same Airbnb.
  • 1 Day later on July 26th, Daniel Posted a TikTok Video saying that he and Bob Proctor had gotten into an argument over the phone, during which Daniel destroyed his phone in anger over the fight. Daniel was later forced to use a $300 Tablet to post videos. While filming a video he drops his new tablet, destroying it.