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The Headset Era started following the May 6th incident,[1] and is called such because Daniel was seen walking around in public wearing an oversized gaming headset, which was likely gifted to him by a troll considering his finances (or lack thereof). The microphone quality on this headset was inferior and sensitive to wind, leading to his videos having horrible audio.

The headset era produced many quotable videos. Some of these videos consist of Daniel talking about accusations and allegations made against him while telling everybody not to believe them, and of course to please stay tuned.

A video featuring one of Daniel's more famous quotes.

Hey what's up everybody, this is Daniel Larson. There is just now a text over social media that came up under Flexburger. Please do not look at it, it's a picture of my ding-a-ling. Um, for some reason, um they, this guy has changed the text message in the entire thing to mean something different because of the accusations about me, do not believe it. We have interscopes security team, cyber security team, working on everything right now, to clear everything, we're going to get it taken down off the media. Please- stay- tuned.

Daniel claimed that he made videos admitting to the accusations in order to clear them. He also mentions several actual and fictitious record labels, including "Interscope", "Party House Records", "Roach Records", and "Fame House Records". It is important to note that while some of these names are real record labels, it is highly unlikely that Daniel has had any real contact with them.

Hello everyone, this is Daniel Larson. Can you guys hear and see me? Can you guys hear me and see me? (Yes.) Okay, so today I'm going to be talking about the accusations. The accusations are fake. There were companies that came up with the allegations, and then because they came up with the allegations and blew it up out of proportion, they asked me and told me to clear the allegations up. I had to make the videos admitting to the accusations. I am now back. I got cleared. I am safe. Everyone, please help me out with these accusations, clearing my name. Thank you. Stay tuned for future events, songs, and updates. Interscope and Party House Records are really happy to have me. Also, Roach Records, they really, really suck because they have a perm. And Fame House Records, they are not even famous, so I don't even know where that name even came out of. They should fucking go to hell because their name sucks. Yeah, this party's about to go down. You ready for this? We'll be coming back every single day. We're going to have close to 10 more posts tonight, so stay tuned and enjoy. I want to maybe talk about Party House.>

Daniel ended up smashing the headset out of frustration during a meltdown, and a Redditor later found it on the side of a highway on his way to Denver.

Continuation[edit | edit source]

Daniel Larson, starting at an unknown date in May 2023, started wearing reasonably sized Spider-Man branded headphones meant for children. These headphones are low quality and have no mic, making almost all of his videos extremely quiet and difficult to hear. They were later smashed during the May 17 incident.

Modern day[edit | edit source]

Daniel still picks up headphones sometimes and has them for a few days to a few weeks. It usually ends in a smashing.

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