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A picture of the green shirt post Luke acquisition. Bodily fluids and general stains can be seen on the bottom of the shirt.

Daniel has a habit of wearing the same clothes for extended periods of time.

His lack of clean clothes likely contributes to his speculated foul odor and his health issues like scabies and trench foot.

It is speculated that he does not change his clothes often because of his homelessness, but this phenomena has also been observed in other autistic people who have the resources to change their clothes. Often when Daniel has the option to change, or exercise other forms of hygiene such as showering, he won't.

The first article of clothing that gained widespread acclaim within the Daniel Larson universe was the infamous Green Shirt. The specific shirt that he wore for approximately 4 months and 21 days (141 days) was the "Sport Tek Men's Moisture Wicking CamoHex Tee Shirt" in the color green.[1]

The History of the Green Shirt

Due to the repeated deactivation and banning of his accounts, there is some debate as to when the first appearance of the shirt occurred, February 25, 2022[2]. is currently cited as the first appearance. The oldest still existent TikTok which includes the green shirt is a duet by Bandit, which took place on March 17, 2022.[3]

However, the earliest reddit post to include said shirt was posted on March 7, 2022[4] on r/Daniellarson within a mistitled thread in which he wears it under a different shirt.[5]

It is unclear how he gained ownership of the shirt, but it has been speculated that it was given to him by Bob Proctor.

The green shirt is visibly dirty and ragged, having an odd brown film on the bottom of the shirt. This isn't surprising, however, as there are many instances in which Daniel blew his nose or wiped his ejaculate onto the green shirt.

The Acquisition and Alleged Sale of the Green Shirt

The culmination of the green shirt era occurred on or near June 15, 2022 when Redditor and friend of Daniel, /u/LOLnicedudenice aka Luke,[6][7] acquired it from Daniel, exchanging it for a new shirt and a meal due to Luke's repeated good will shown to Daniel over a number of weeks.

During said acquisition, Daniel was encouraged to sign his name on the shirt. Daniel misspelled his hit song "Roaring Thunder" as "AoaRiNg thUNDER" and then wrote his name, "DaNieL LasoN", under that. Along with the title and his name, he added a small and indiscernible doodle which may be his idea of a cursive signature.

The r/Daniellarson thread alleges that the shirt was sold, but no hard evidence has surfaced proving that fact, nor has a real price on this artifact been pinned down.[8]

Daniel proudly holding his shirt during the exchange with Luke.