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"Blark" redirects here. For his white counterpart, see Clark.

A selfie of Dylan.
Name: Dylan Clark
Aliases: Dylan MIA, Mr. Interview, Black Clark, Blark, Mlark, Nlark, Devinmills2024
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Alignment: Management (self-proclaimed), enabler
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Nationality: American
Height and Weight: N/A
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Arcs Involved: Homeless era

Dylan Alexander Clark, commonly known as Mr. Interview or Blark (not to be confused with Clark), is a former ween, enabler, and self-proclaimed manager of Daniel's. They met during the college arc, specifically after he was arrested after assaulting a security guard, and met up with him several times to record videos, and additionally providing him with multiple items.

Dylan is extremely controversial and derided by the Daniel Larson community for a wide range of reasons, mainly for actions such as enabling Daniel via giving Daniel things like pizza and money,[2] but as well as being arrested for making threatening calls to schools that were victims of past shootings[3] and adding embellished information to this wiki article relating to his arrest in an attempt to show himself in a better light.[4]

In the wake of the Second Jail Arc, Dylan would falsify information of Daniel's arrest being due to him being in possession of a firearm, as well as attempting to implicate himself in the investigation against Daniel.

As of July 2024, Dylan has not made any new appearances.

February 2014 Arrest

Excerpt of an article covering Dylan.

Prior to any of his interactions with Daniel, on January of 2014, Dylan, then aged 17, made a series of threatening calls to Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Arapahoe, all of which being schools that had experienced school shootings in the past.[5]

Not long after, Dylan was arrested after these calls were traced by the police to his home on Wednesday, February 14th. According to police, he repeatedly made reference to the shootings and claimed to be a relative of the shooter, most notably Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and then proceeded to name every single child who died in the tragedy.[6] Even more, police had contact with Dylan earlier in the month when he had made a phone call threatening suicide to an alarm company, though it is unclear why he did this.

Afterward, it was found out that these calls stemmed to Arapahoe, where Dylan threatened to burn down the school, among many other calls. When arrested, a laptop, Kindle, notebook and cellphone were confiscated from his home.

At his arraignment, Dylan made a bizarre claim that his reasoning for these threats were so "people [would] stop making fun of me on Facebook" and that the calls he had made were a call for help.

After several court hearings, Dylan was charged with false report or threat of terrorism, which is punishable by 20 years to life in prison. He was held on a $50,000 cash bond, and was said to wear a GPS tether if he was ever released on bond and was ordered not to use the Internet.[7] Eventually, he was let out, although it is unknown what the circumstances surrounding his release are.

Even when confronted with this by multiple members of the community surrounding Daniel, Dylan remains adamant he did not make these calls and was framed.


The Larson Tapes

The Larson Tapes is a series of videos in which Dylan recorded his conversations with Daniel post-Folsom Field Arrest, asking him questions about current events and other things.[8][9][10][11]

January 3rd Interview

At around 8:10pm EST on the 3rd of January 2024, Dylan joined one of the voice chats in the Daniel Larson Wiki Discord Server to have its members conduct an interview with Daniel. During this time, Dylan was visiting Daniel at a homeless shelter, and despite the shelters' rule to not film or record, Dylan did it anyways. The interview lasts approximately 45 minutes.[12]


Second Jail Arc

During the wake of the Second Jail arc, Dylan, via Reddit, would consistently make blatantly false posts regarding him being with Daniel during the time he was arrested, along with being investigated by the police. This can be assumed as a way of gaining attention, as Dylan only started making posts such as him being taken in by the police following his white counterpart being (at least, allegedly) arrested for coercing Daniel into seriously dangerous behavior.

In his first post, titled "Blark here. I know why he got arrested"[13], he claims to know the reason why Daniel was arrested. Despite the title, Dylan never gives a reason as to why Daniel was arrested.

In his second post, titled "Blark here. I was just questioned by the FBI"[14], he falsifies information of Daniel being arrested due to having possession of CSEM and a firearm. As expected, this post was downvoted almost instantly.

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