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Adding transcriptions (and furthermore, summaries) of videos to Daniel Larson Wiki is highly encouraged, no matter if the video is of a minor event or a major incident.

Transcripts make videos easier to reference, makes the Wiki accessible for those with hearing difficulties/disabilities, and allow readers to know the exact events in a video without having to rewatch it, especially if the video contains sensitive content, or when loading videos is infeasible because of poor connection or data limitations.

These guidelines are in place to make sure transcriptions are of uniform quality and formatting across the wiki. A snippet of a good transcript is shown below.

Employee: Please leave our premises right now.

Daniel: I'm asking for the number that called, because...

[Manager begins walking into view]

Employee: And I am asking you to—I'm telling you to leave.

Manager: It was Indulge, it's been Woody's Pizza? It's been every—

Color use

Transcripts should rely on color to further help differentiate when different people are speaking in a video. There are multiple templates available to make coloring text easy, such as {{red}}, {{blue}}, {{green}}, and others. It is strongly recommended to use darker colors so as to provide sufficient contrast with the background.

Template Preview Recommended
for use?
{{blue}} The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Yes
{{red}} The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Yes
{{green}} The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Yes
{{purple}} The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Only if necessary
{{pink}} The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Only if neccessary
{{yellow}} The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog No, only if necessary


Dialogue should be prefixed by the speaker's name/alias, or, if unknown, profession or role, and a colon, in bold, followed by a space and, then speech.

Omitted or unintelligible speech, such as redacted full names and addresses, should be encased in square brackets and colored the same as the rest of the line. In the case of unintelligible speech, the brackets must only contain only "unintelligible", "inaudible", or "?" as needed and properly capitalized depending on the context.

Operator: And what is your person [?] last name?
Homeowner: My name is Tony [full name].
Operator: Okay, M. [full name] what is your phone number?
Homeowner: [Homeowner gives his phone number]

Actions and "stage directions" should never have color unless they are done while the person doing the action is speaking (audible actions). Silent actions are encased in square brackets and italicized, audible actions are only bracketed.

[The employee gives a confused glance to his superior]
Daniel: [Smacking himself] I didn't do anything!


Summaries are not required for every video, as they are better preferred for videos that are over 5 minutes long/have an abundance of content. They should only have the most important events, and be listed in a bullet list.