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Breanna (sometimes spelled Brenna, or Brianna) is a young girl who lived with Daniel Larson briefly, known for being the only child that Daniel Larson likely ever had extended contact with.[1]

At some point in mid-to-late-2020, Daniel started living with a family that had two children, a young boy (name unknown), and a girl - Breanna. Daniel once referred to Breanna as his half-sister.[1][2] Obviously, Daniel is not related to Breanna at all, however, this shows the relationship that Daniel had with these kids. It is important to note that this statement was made in 2020, and since then Daniel has apparently made a community post that described Breanna as a "close family friend'.[1]


On October 23, 2020, Daniel made two seemingly innocent livestreams, "daniel's free time with friends." and "Just some FREE TIME!!!!!!!" featuring Breanna and her brother. In the first stream, Daniel is mostly seen interacting with Breanna, and with her brother in the second.


At an unknown date, Breanna's brother recorded a video where Daniel can be seen pushing Breanna onto a bed. This video is infamous in the Daniel Larson community, as it's the only known instance in which Daniel actually puts his hands on a child.

Community theories for the context behind this video have ranged from them simply roughhousing / playing around, to allegations that Daniel may have been sexually assaulting her during or after this clip.[3][4] Daniel's history doesn't present a favorable case for him.

Daniel's response

On December 18, 2023, Daniel stated on a livestream that he is "not allowed to talk about Breanna at all," and reaffirmed that "at that time, everybody in that household considered me family... I was like a big brother..." going on to imply that the situation was being blown out of proportion.

Transcript - excerpt

I am not allowed to talk about Breanna at all. First of all, anybody who's claiming that- I will say this is not Breanna. So it's somebody trying to impersonate, trying to escalate bullshit. Um, because I know the rules of the disability housing, and, um, yeah, you're not supposed to, um... That would be a violation of their rights. And a lot more than just that. That would be sexual assault, like, [laughs], People need to fucking realize that at that time, everybody in that household considered me family. You know, I was like a big brother, you know, we- Just like, you know, friends, at, you know, in high school, college, elementary school, no matter your fucking age. Excuse my language. But no matter the age, people roughhouse. For fun. And that's all we were doing. Roughhousing. Even the providers knew about it [laughs] at the time. So I mean they weren't even concerned. Let alone, the providers used to roughhouse me. The entire video that got posted, where on the entire video does it- like, people need to open their fucking eyes.


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On November 5, 2020, Daniel made five tweets with the hashtag #breanna.

#breanna is a #partypooper[5]
#breanna pees[6]
#breanna is a upcoming #pornstar[8]
#breanna #superpornstar[9]

Needless to say, Daniel making these tweets, in reference to a young girl peeing and being a "super porn star" is extremely disturbing. The account has since been compromised, but only in 2023, almost three years after these tweets were made. What makes this worse is that Daniel is known to have an obsession / fetish with urine, which was not known at the time of these tweets.

Community posts

In some YouTube Community posts on July 23, 2023, Daniel claimed he was being blackmailed into posting things, and then proceeded to say "I would have sex with underaged Brianna from my care takers house".[1]


It's unclear if he was using the word "would" in past tense (meaning he admitted to doing so,) or in future tense (meaning he would be willing to.)

Legal investigation

Larsonleak's video, "The Daniel Larson Files", features a short segment with a leaked conversation in which Daniel discusses a possible legal investigation involving Daniel MacDougall into the Breanna situation. MacDougall made Daniel take a lie detector test after two of his care providers came forward about sexual assault. MacDougall then wanted to meet with Breanna to clarify what happened with Daniel, but it is unknown what came of this meeting or if it even happened.

The "Breanna Situation" chapter from The Daniel Larson Files[10]
Transcript (excerpt)

Daniel: [unintelligible]...Daniel McDougall, the secret service agent, did tell me that he is concerned... he is concerned because somebody of the name of Breanna is reaching out, about, um, abuse. That's also because I threatened Joe Biden once. I, I went public and said I would [assassinate] Joe Biden. Like, no joke. There was also what looked to be a shadowed figure, um, and Daniel MacDougall said that that was me naked. There's a- there's a rumor that Bob and I are gay. Which isn't even true. Bob is acting like it is.

(Discord message from redacted:) I got some good updates

@everyone he met with [redacted] yesterday after court.. and apparently two care providers have come forward saying Daniel did some sort of sexual abuse or assault.

(in Discord call with an anonymous person)

Anon: He said two of your care providers came forward about like sexual assault or something? And you had to do a lie detector te[st]?

Daniel: So you know the- you know the young girl Breanna?

Anon: Yeah.

Daniel: What's very very weird is, they're having somebody, or they're claiming to have talked to somebody of the name of Breanna, okay? From my understanding. And, they're claiming that possibly, (sigh) You- you know what I mean? Like, like there's zero proof and it's just one person coming forward.

Anon: Yeah, was there another person too? Cause I thought you said-

Daniel: Exactly. And so, at this point, they have zero proof to go by, and the Secret Service agent now wants to actually a meeting, with the real Breanna now, and get her side of the story.

(Aforementioned tweets of Breanna are shown on screen.)

Admissions of guilt

Daniel admitted that he once masturbated in front of Breanna in the Columbia Records Discord server as well as claimed they were just playing. These screenshots also show a redacted reddit linking to a VIDEO of the incident, where Daniel said that the kids were filming it.[11][12]

Daniel seems to have admitted that "I only grabbed [Breanna's] chest area to grab I was told" in a Cash App request. This post was also deleted, but managed to get archived.[13]