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A complete record of Daniel Larson's (or his relatives) life from April to June of 2024. No detail is too small to be added.

NOTE: Many days, including all of June, are unavailable due to Daniel's lack of presence online from his arrest and incarceration.




  • Daniel appeared in court for his arraignment. Daniel plead not guilty to all of his charges.


  • Clark calls Daniel for the very last time after being convinced to do so.



  • Daniel gets transferred out of Jefferson County Detention Facility to Clear Creek County Jail. He calls Clark.



  • Daniel is arrested and is placed into the Jefferson County Detention Facility. He is charged with 7 counts of terroristic threats.


  • Daniel goes to Buffalo Wild Wings, orders over $53 worth of food, defrauding the restaurant and gets kicked out afterward.


  • Daniel reposts old videos of him, as well as fanmade pictures from the Subreddit. [1]
  • Daniel goes live several times, with a black screen. [2]
  • Daniel gets kicked out of the Pumphouse restaurant by the police. [3]


  • Daniel's TikTok, daniellarsonhollywood24, goes public again.
  • Daniel posts on his TikTok that he believes people are being arrested only due to homelessness, and discrimination against celebrity status, homelessness, and social hierarchy. [4]
  • Daniel announces a fan meetup at the King Soopers on Hover St for $20 in order to pay for his new State ID. [5] He then moves the meetup to the DMV. [6]
  • Daniel ends up at the DMV, but they wouldn't let him in for 20 minutes. [7] He later says he needs $5 to go back. [8]
  • Daniel hopes to get a hotel room for the night. [9]
  • Daniel wants to make $100 for his bus pass. [10]
  • Daniel gets pre-cooked chicken for lunch. [11] He also gets Flamin' Hot Munchies. [12]
  • Daniel reminds his followers about a thunderstorm warning in Longmont. [13]


  • Daniel thinks the rest of 2024 will be bad compared to the last few days. [14]
  • Daniel predicts a bear market will happen until he has housing. [15]
  • Daniel says that he thinks it's time for a wake up call; it is unclear what he means. [16]
  • Daniel gets bacon macaroni & cheese for lunch, and nachos for supper. [17] [18]
  • Daniel uploads numerous TikTok shorts at Oscar Blues:
    • He says that he has to pick up his new State ID at 11am tomorrow. [19]
    • He announces a fan meetup at Main Street in Longmont. [20]
    • He says that he will go all out on Bitcoin in the next 24 hours. [21]
    • He says his next 5 days are fully booked. [22]
    • He raises the price for pictures at fan meetups to $50 due to security and popularity issues. [23] He then says that he needs to get bodyguards and security soon, as probation is telling him to do so. [24]
    • He tells his followers to stop following him around in vehicles for safety concerns. [25] He then says there is an issues with fans following him down the street, creating convoys. [26]
    • He says that the police told him he needs to stay inside restaurants or businesses due to his popularity. [27]
    • He says that Bob has doctor's appointments and meetings and will be unavailable for the next two days. [28]
    • He claims to be getting into a recording studio. [29]
    • He asks for help on paying his bill, and says that he will get a hotel room. [30] [31]
    • He says that he is "forced" to call the police six times a day due to being followed around, tailgated, and harassed. [32]
    • He claims that he has family looking into security and bodyguard companies for when he gets his apartment. [33]
    • He says that he is moving into the 3000 most popular celebrities section on Famous Birthdays. [34]
  • Daniel posts an IHOP ad with a picture of him in it. [35]
  • Daniel's TikTok, daniellarsonhollywood24, goes private.
  • A federal warrant is issued for Daniel's arrest. [36]


  • Daniel posts a series of four shorts of him saying NATO phonetic alphabet, at one point spelling "DANNY" [37]
  • Daniel goes to Chili's for lunch. [38] He orders sliders. [39]
  • Daniel uploads a picture of a gray SUV that he claims was "following him". [40]


  • Daniel goes to McDonald's for breakfast. He gets an Egg McMuffin [41] and subsequently uploads a selfie with a hashbrown in his mouth. [42]
  • Daniel goes live on YouTube on his walk. [43]
  • Daniel says that he got a ticket and court date for violation of probation as the manager believe he was dining-and-dashing, despite him paying. [44]
  • Daniel gets macaroni and cheese [45] as well as an ice cream cone. [46]
  • Daniel goes to the DMV to schedule an appointment for renewal of his State ID. [47] It gets scheduled for Friday. [48]
  • Daniel thinks there is a thunderstorm warning for Longmont. [49]
  • Daniel says he needs to make $50 in cash for today to be a success. [50]
  • Daniel uploads a video to TikTok of him taunting a troll in a car from a restaurant. He believes the troll was Jacob Sartorius. [51]
  • Daniel claims he is on an M1 hold, however keeps posting as usual. [52]


  • Daniel does a fan meetup at the Village at the Peaks mall in Longmont. [53]
  • Daniel gets falsely accused for theft. [54]
  • Daniel uploads a selfie on the bus [55]


  • Daniel gets breakfast at Qdoba. [56] He then uploads several selfies, with captions such as to check out Grace's song "Lion's Den", and that he has $250 in savings. [57]
  • Daniel films himself making a peace sign. [58]
  • Daniel says that he needs to get an emergency pair of socks for his trench foot. [59]
  • Daniel has to call the DMV tomorrow for a new state ID and renewal. [60]
  • Daniel says that he should be able to livestream on YouTube within 24 hours. [61]


  • Daniel's TikTok, daniellarsonhollywood24, goes private. It later gets unprivated.
  • Daniel gets lunch, which appears to be fried shrimp [62] and poutine. [63]
  • Daniel gets a $20 donation to help pay for his dinner. [64]
    • He then wants to figure out how to cash out the $20 from a new banking app. [65]
  • Daniel works on getting a hotel room. [66]
  • Daniel announces a fan meetup at the King Soopers in Longmont, CO. [67]
  • Daniel claims that Jacob Sartorius posted a picture of him stealing Daniel's Colorado state ID from the 3 Margaritas. [68]


  • Daniel creates a new TikTok account, daniellarsonhollywood24
  • Daniel goes to the Twin Peaks restaurant in Superior for dinner. [69] He orders some Coca-Cola [70], cheese fries [71] and a cheesesteak. [72]
    • He gets a picture with two women. [73]


  • Daniel loses his state ID card at a restaurant. [74]


  • Daniel says that he got a hotel room last night for $100. [75]
  • Daniel goes to probation in Longmont. [76]
  • Daniel gets tuna from probation. He says he needs to get a spoon and a stove from the store. [77]
    • He also gets a lasagna mix [78] and some peach sauce. [79]
  • Grace Vanderwaal allegedly addressed Daniel’s behavior and fans in a TikTok reply.[80]



  • Daniel disables the comments on his YouTube videos after a death hoax spreads on his accounts.
  • Daniel says that he had to cancel his probation due to a financial family emergency. [84]
    • Later, he says this again, but this time because he didn't have a bus ride to get to Boulder. [85] Finally, he says he doesn't have enough money to get there. [86]
    • Then, he says that his probation is ready to move forward with getting an apartment. [87]
  • Daniel uploads a video of himself on a bus. [88] Then, he picks a pimple on his nose. [89]
  • Daniel walks all the way to Boulder from Longmont that morning, just to go back to Longmont again. [90]
  • Daniel claims that he was hacked a couple of days ago. [91]
    • He then says he needs to buy an emergency phone and phone bill due to this. [92]
  • Daniel says that Bob called him a liar when he phoned him to ask for emergency money toward his apartment. [93] He then uploads another video saying the same thing. [94]
    • Then, he asserts that Bob said that the Jefferson County Municipal and County courts should have listened to Daniel and lifted all his cases, [95] and that he is in contact with several lawyers, trying to figure out housing. [96]
  • Daniel claims that Bob told Daniel about his father posting misinformation on the Subreddit. He still believes that Bob is his mentor, despite cutting him off months prior. [97]
    • Then, he thinks that Travis is slandering his reputation on YouTube. [98]
  • Daniel thinks somebody called the police and told them he legally requires disability services and cannot be homeless anymore. [99]
  • Daniel complains that he has been walking constantly for 5 years. [100]
  • Daniel warns the FBI, CIA, courts and "anybody trying to bring him down" about his relocation to Hollywood. [101]
    • Daniel tells everyone in Los Angeles and Hollywood to look out in the subway system for him. [102]
  • Daniel says that Bob is becoming crazy like him, and likens it to Joe Biden. [103]
  • Daniel uploads a video himself walking, smirking, and giving a thumbs up. [104]
  • Daniel says that he only has Monster drinks, and that he doesn't remember when he had water. [105]
  • Daniel steps in a puddle, and now needs new shoes and socks. [106]
  • Daniel tells his viewers to never live in Longmont due to the Walmart being difficult to get to. [107]



  • Daniel posts his hospital summary to his YouTube Community page, with one of his diagnoses being "Delusional Ideas." [110] He is later discharged.


  • Daniel is hospitalized due to a stomach bug, possibly from food poisoning. [111] He had Red Robin for supper last night, and since then has not been feeling well.
    • He gets discharged, however goes back at about 11:30pm for food poisoning testing, and also migraines and shortness of breath. [112]
  • Daniel's TikTok, daniellarsonlbi, goes public.


  • Daniel posts a picture of himself holding a Coors can and the caption "Please drink responsibly". [113]
  • Daniel announces an event at the Starr Bar on Tuesday for "Rockin' with the Blues". [114]
  • Daniel goes live on a bus. [115]
  • Daniel says that the VanderWaals are "required" to stop talking about Bob or he will press legal charges on Daniel, despite Bob cutting him off months prior. [116]


  • Daniel leaks his phone number by accident. [117] He then receives numerous text messages, and begins to dox numbers on his Community Tab page.


  • Daniel creates a new TikTok account, daniellarsonlbi. However, it is private.
  • Daniel goes live on YouTube, walking around. [118]
  • Daniel promotes his song, Something More on iHeartRadio, Spotify and iTunes. [119]
  • Daniel uploads a picture of the solar eclipse in Golden. [120]
  • Daniel says that he has a job interview tomorrow. [121]
  • Daniel posts to his TikTok that he is eating at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse.


  • Daniel arrives to court 3 hours early. [122]
  • Daniel looks for a hotel room. [123] He eventually gets one, thanking his followers for the support. [124]
  • Daniel says that he will be getting his monthly bus pass on Wednesday. [125]
  • Daniel says that he is supposedly getting ready to "take the biggest risk of his entire career." [126]
  • Daniel gives a motivational statement, "some days when you feel like giving up, don't ever thing about giving up. A miracle might happen." [127]
  • Daniel goes to a Black Eyed Pea, asking for the manager. He asks for the waiter that he was supposed to pay for, and explains to the manager his financial situation due to a delay in housing services by his probation officer. Another employee comes up, asking for a picture. Daniel declines due to his popularity, security concerns and having his location leaked, and says he can take one outside. [128]


  • Daniel has his first audition for 2024. [129]
  • Daniel goes live, titled "help". He complains about the wind and his sore legs, then threatens to block everyone in the live chat if they keep telling him to run. He then ends the stream because the viewers "won't stop harassing him".[130]


  • Daniel says that Bob paid for his flight back to Denver from Manhattan in 2023, during the Travel Arc. [131]
  • Daniel goes live, sprinting away from a Buffalo Wild Wings, claiming the police had been called. [132]
  • Daniel has a huge, rage-fueled meltdown on live, during which he harms himself, and screams threats and racial slurs to the point of foaming at the mouth. The stream is shutdown and removed by YouTube, but recorded by a redditor. [133]
  • Daniel goes to a hospital as his feet were hurting. He has foot fungus from wearing the same socks, and his trench foot had returned. [134] He gets discharged shortly after a mental health evaluation. [135]
  • Daniel goes live, discussing his homeless issue, health concerns, financial strain, Bob, and probation. [136]
    • He goes live again, walking to Boulder. Near the end of the stream, he begins to have another meltdown. [137]
  • Daniel says that Boulder is under a tornado watch. [138]


  • Daniel's probation appointment gets canceled and rescheduled, along with other appointments. [139]
  • Daniel promotes his song Something More, telling his viewer to check it out on Spotify [140] and iHeartRadio. [141]
  • Daniel uploads a message to the "FBI, CIA, US Government, Bob and everybody on Earth" to not take bits of his social media and incriminate or press charges, threatening legal action. He also claims to be friends with Donald Trump, and says that he is attacked due to his popularity. [142]
  • Daniel goes live, venting about Bob ghosting him, making him cancel his appointments. He also talks about his frustration on getting housing, and thinks he's being watched by the FBI for being homeless. He also claims to be in contact with Grace's brother, Jakob VanderWaal. [143]
    • He later goes live and tries to talk about similar things, and ends the livestream, feeling harassed. [144]
  • Daniel apologizes to Bob for harassing him. He then goes back into the restaurant to attempt to pay. [145]


  • Daniel goes live, on is way to buy bitcoin, while discussing his cryptocurrency financial state. He also announces a celebration for that night for getting 70,000 followers on the Subreddit. [146] However, it is unknown if it happened.
    • He says he ended up buying $4 in Bitcoin in the last 24 hours, while losing another dollar. [147]
  • Daniel's probation officer in Boulder County reschedules his appointment for tomorrow. [148]
  • Daniel goes live on his way to get lunch. [149]



  • The fire alarm goes off at the hotel Daniel is staying at. Many people believe it was him. [152]
  • Daniel goes live on his bus trip back to Denver [153] and his bus gets pulled over in Lone Tree. He is arrested for fugitive from justice once again, therefore not completing his trip. He is being held at a bond of $1,500. [154]


  • Daniel uploads an edited Discord call with ai-generated audio of Bob, Ox, and GypsyCrusader. They discuss gangstalking him, putting a GPS in his jacket, and making him pull the fire alarm at Olive Garden. [155]
  • Daniel gets stranded in Manitou Springs. [156]


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