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Flashing is an action performed by an individual in which said individual exposes their genitals to another person. Daniel is known to have flashed multiple people in person, and has also shared photos of his genitals to numerous people, including minors. He has also flashed even thousands more in instances on social media such as the May 6th Incident, as discussed below.

May 6th incident

The May 6th incident is the most well-known flash Daniel has performed. Daniel's old manager Flexburger told him to take off his pants and flash his private parts on his now banned TikTok live account @daniellarsonfans as a part of a casting for a "pornography".[1] The live managed to peak at 476 viewers before getting taken down by TikTok.

May 7th incident

A lesser known incident is that the day after the first May incident, Daniel did the exact same thing on a new account. A brief screenshot can be found in a video on Reddit here. It is not really notable otherwise.

Meme that originated on Reddit after the livestream. The author deleted his profile sometime after posting it.