Jumping Jacks

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Daniel doing jumping jacks.

A common type of video Daniel Larson creates on his various social media accounts are his "jumping jacks" videos, which show him doing jumping jacks for various people and movements, sometimes being extremely disrespectful towards them. These were especially a staple between 2021-2022.

Daniel has done jumping jacks for Black Lives Matter, Grace VanderWaal, Blake Shelton, multiple for George Floyd, and in training for the 2022 Denver Colfax Marathon.

Jumping jacks for George Floyd

One of the many videos that got Daniel to his current state of popularity is his "jumping jacks for George Floyd" videos, where he declared "black lives matter!" and proceeded to do jumping jacks in what Daniel thought was a respectful act for him. This video was extremely negatively received, many of the people who ran into the video not knowing who Daniel was and assuming he was being ironic.

Daniel has also done other jumping jacks videos for the Black Lives Matter movement in general.