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Green9racer with his A&W root beer

Green9racer (also known as Liquid Larson) is a now deleted TikTokker, Daniel Larson impersonator, and mail carrier who popularized the phrase "Gotta have that root beer!"

In September of 2021, Daniel Larson fans began noticing the similarity in facial features between the two, and as a result his comment section was flooded with many references to Daniel Larson.

Green9racer finally began referencing Mr. Larson in his videos, frequently referring to Daniel Larson as his son and is named "Liquid Larson" in the Larsonian community as a reference to Chris Chan. The crossover between these creators culminated in Daniel making a video referencing Green9racer's catchphrase, seen here.

His TikTok account was banned on an unknown date for unknown reasons, but this unfortunately resulted in a decent amount of his videos getting nuked. Luckily, some of his more popular videos still remain on TikTok under other accounts, are can be found with the search of the phrase "Gotta have that root beer!"

Liquid Larson

Liquid Larson running against Solid Larson for President.

During 2021, Green9racer started a persona called Liquid Larson. Similar like Liquid Chris for Chris Chan and Liquid Richard for Wings Of Redemption, He impersonated Daniel Larson for a period of time.

The saga started on Sep 8, 2021 and ended when Liquid Larson was banned on an unknown date. The reason behind the ban is unknown, but it likely has to do with the association with Daniel Larson rather than the content of the TikToks themselves.

His videos range in topic and genre; from incomprehensible and abstract TikToks featuring flashing lights and loud noises, to rants about root beer and Dunkin' Donuts, to videos about him running for president against Larson.