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~ Daniel shouting in a restaurant before being kicked out

"Celebrity in the hospital" is a phrase used by Daniel Larson when he went on one of his rambling adventures in 2021, the celebrity he was talking about was Grace VanderWaal and her family. This is one of his most notable and strange ramblings. There were rumors that he may be talking about other notable celebrities such as Juice WRLD or Layne Staley, however this would later be proven false. In December 2023, it was eventually revealed that Daniel had been told by trolls / management that Grace had just died of a "stress-related heart attack", and that her final words to Daniel were that he needs to carry on her legacy, presumably by announcing her death.

Daniel ran around in public screaming this phrase at random people after one of his managers told him Grace had died. He proceeded to go screaming in restaurants and subsequently getting kicked out, interrupting a soccer game, screaming in a bar, going up to a random man pumping gas, and announcing to his TikTok followers about the celebrity in the hospital.


It was clear that Daniel was manipulated into doing this by trolls, as Grace was obviously not dead.

In December 2023, a video shown by LarsonLeak revealed previously unseen footage, in which Daniel appears to be talking to Management while on a video or Discord call. It seems that management is giving Daniel instructions on what to do in the video. This would also inadvertently reveal that the videos were not uploaded by Daniel himself as he was on the video call during the ramblings, explaining the low quality of the videos and confirming that the then-management had access to his account.

Segment from 2:26-5:15

Man eating

It can be inferred that the trolls were telling Daniel to go up to someone and spread the news of Grace's death, as Daniel is heard saying "I could try this person." Daniel goes up to a random guy eating outside a Smashburger in Tavor Center, Denver. He tells him that Grace VanderWaal died as of 6:30, and walks away after the man gives him a confused look.

Cheesecake Factory

Daniel is talking to management again, saying "I don't even know what the hell that place is," referring to a Cheecake Factory restaurant with a clearly visible sign. Daniel walks into the restaurant, but is then presumably told by management to spread the message on the patio. In fact, Daniel can even be heard refusing orders from management, saying "No... You want to me act- I'm not gonna do that" and complying anyway. He then proceeds to once again spread the message, saying her record label wanted the message out.


Following this, Daniel was spotted by a fan, who asked him for a picture. Daniel proceeds to tell the fan that Grace passed away from a stress related stroke, then switches the reason to a heart attack and tells the fan "Allah Akbar".


Daniel went running into a different restaurant, screaming aloud to the crowded restaurant about the celebrity in the hospital. An employee almost instantly kicked him out. Despite this, he ran back in and accused him of assault, and promptly left again, arguing the whole way out.


Daniel: There is currently a celebrity in the hospital! We are asking that the message gets out!

(employee quickly walks towards him)

Employee: "...let's go."

Daniel: "That's very rude of you."

Employee: "And you're talking gibberish, let's go."

(Daniel attempts to return to the restaurant and is physically blocked by the employee)

Daniel: "That was assault by the way"

Employee: "No it wasn't."

Daniel: "Yeah it was I have it all on film."

Employee: "Ok, film me."

Daniel: "No, I'm not going to because you tried to grab me"

Employee: "I did not try-"

Daniel: "Yeah you did! Yeah you did it's all on film"

Employee: "Ok bye"

Daniel: "It's all on film... (video abruptly ends)


Daniel walked up to the host and hostess of a bar and told them that a celebrity named Grace VanderWaal was in the hospital and died at 6:30 that night. He asked them to spread the message that Grace was dead. The host actually believed him and seemed surprised, but the hostess looked less convinced. He left shortly after and was not kicked out.


Daniel walks up to hostess table

Daniel: "Hello, there is currently a celebrity of the name of Grace Vandewaal that just passed away as of 6:30 tonight, we're asking that the message get spread. Do you guys think you could spread the message through here?"

Employee: "Grace...?"

Daniel: "Grace VanderWaal."

Employee: "Isn't she from AGT?"

Daniel: "Yes"

Employee: "She died?"

Daniel: "She just died"

Employee: "Stop it." (shocked)

Daniel: "Yeah. I'm currently- I was actually supposed to do a collaboration with her and she just passed away just as she died."

Employee: "Shut up."

Daniel: "Yeah-"

Employee: "This better be fake news."

Daniel: "It's not. It's actually- I'm gonna be honest it just happened so the news has not picked it up yet but they will be shortly."

Soccer field

Daniel ran into the middle of a soccer field during a game. There, he told the players that there was a celebrity in the hospital. He was interrupted once, but ultimately was not kicked out and left on his own volition.


Daniel: "There is currently a celebrity in the hospital! We are asking that the information gets loose! Thank you everyone! Please spread the message! There is currently a celebrity- THERE IS CURRENTLY A CELEBRITY IN THE HOSPITAL! PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS! There is currently a celebrity in the hospital! Please spread the news!"

(Daniel runs off and screams / laughs)

Gas Station

During his rampage, Daniel went up to a man pumping his gas at night and letting told him about the celebrity in the hospital. The man did not care and let Daniel know. Daniel, seemingly upset by the man's lack of empathy, expressed, "dang..," and whimpered.


(Daniel walks up to an man pumping gas.)

Daniel: "Excuse me. There is currently a celebrity in the hospital-"

Man: "I don't give a fuck back the fuck up before I [unintelligible]."

Daniel: "Dang..." (whimpers)

Other ramblings

TikTok live


Daniel asked his family to pray for the VanderWaal family, saying that Grace was both in a car accident and jumped out of the window of a burning building.