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The Incident[edit | edit source]

Around Jan 15, 2022, Daniel had deluded himself into believing he had rented out a movie theater auditorium. He was loitering in the auditorium, browsing his phone, when he found a sleeping man he nicknamed Sleepy Joe, a reference to Joe Biden. Quacko told Daniel to film a pornographic video with Sleepy Joe, as Quacko was Daniel's manager at that time. Although no sexual intercourse occurred, Daniel's actions were still extremely disturbing. Daniel started to record himself and remarked, "Okay guys, so I'm about to make a porn video. This is gonna be awesome!" Daniel would then eerily focus his phone on the sleeping man and record him in silence. Daniel would continue to enthusiastically predict his success on PornHub, note that the video would be featuring Sleepy Joe, and pretending to use a "magic wand". Soon enough after, the incident commenced.

An image of Sleepy Joe

At around 45 seconds into the video below, Daniel walked closer to Sleepy Joe. Nothing really happens in the original video, but in an edited version posted by @flooperdroople on TikTok, a noise plays that sounds like Daniel masturbating. After this video was taken, Daniel would eerily sing a song for Sleepy Joe.

"Lullaby, goodnight,

Go to bed now and sleep tight.

Close your eyes, it'll be alright

When you're at the movie theater and nowhere to hide"

Daniel would then make a noise resembling a cackle, and even start hooting. These sounds would conclude the Sleepy Joe incident.

The incident itself is nothing to write home about, as it was ultimately just Quacko telling Daniel to make a porn video with a random stranger, which never happened. This video especially shows Daniel's lack of understanding when it comes to consent. The real craziness comes from @flooperdroople's edit, which tricked many people into believing the "porn video" was real and something sexual happened on Daniel's end.

The Edited Video[edit | edit source]

The edited video can be found below. It is, as stated, edited and mostly fake.