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This is the most infamous image of John Pork. This is also the same entity that Daniel believes is stalking him.

John Pork is a virtual influencer who would also become a meme, of which the most well known is "John Pork is Calling".[1] His persona is used by trolls in the Daniel Larson community.

John Pork first made an "appearance" during the Daniel Larson QnA Discord. Daniel is under the impression that John Pork was the white pick-up truck driver that Daniel believed was following him from Texas all the way to New York City.

It is said that John Pork was referenced during the Likee Meltdown under the alias "JP".

Members of the Daniel Larson HQ attempted to convince Daniel that John Pork was contacting them, but Daniel started to question the validity of John Pork. His questioning was interrupted by the Bodega Incident.


In 2023, Daniel still continues to occasionally mention John Pork on his YouTube community tab. It is honestly unclear WHY he does, but the general consensus is it is probably a response to trolls either notifying Daniel that John Pork is on his way or pretending to be JP. John Pork was mostly known in 2022 and early 2023, and is now mostly irrelevant to the Daniel Larson community.