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Cyraxx (Chance Wilkins) is a fellow lolcow (or horrorcow) that first appeared in the Daniel Larson story on April 25th 2023 when Daniel mispronounced Chance’s pseudonym as "Cryaxx".

A photo of Cyraxx

Daniel's opinion of Cyraxx is vague at best, with Daniel seemingly believing that Cyraxx is both a YouTube villain who was an ex-manager that leaked his nudes, someone who just talks about trolls[1], and a victim that Ivan manipulated. Daniel hilariously wanted to have a "rap battle" with Cyraxx.[2]

Chance's opinion of Daniel is also pretty vague, Chance has mentioned Daniel multiple times saying he's a victim just like himself, even wanting Daniel and World of TShirts to contact him to stop the trolls[3]. More recently Chance has been using Daniel as a human shield, telling the trolls to attack him instead, while on many occassions he defended Daniel, calling him a "good dude"[4]. He has claimed Daniel "punched a cop in the face".

On the 9th of August 2023, Cyraxx had actually made a video calling Daniel his friend, with Daniel actually commenting on it.[5]

Cyraxx's history

[as of 10/13/23 the WanceChilkins Wiki has been closed]

Cyraxx was born under the name Patrick Smith in Alaska with numerous health complications. His father was jailed after his birth for rape of a 14 year-old girl, and he was handed to his grandmother, Sally, in Ohio, who changed his name to Chance Wilkins.[6]

Cyraxx is similarly controversial to Daniel but manages to be worse in many ways. Cyraxx has not only beaten up an elderly caretaker like Daniel but also is a pedophile who allegedly raped a blind kid,[7] is extremely racist and constantly says the n-word, threatened his trolls with a gun,[8] and is a notorious art and music thief[9][10]. one example of Chance's thievery is a poem he stole about a child that was pimped out by her mom called "lost innocence" He turned the poem into a rap song and twisted the meaning to be about the many abusive relationships he hasn't been in.

The community of Cyraxx, particularly r/OfficialMusicBizMarty, named after Cyraxx's constant manager has had feuds with the Larson community, mainly after Daniel's arrest.