Big Dick Muscle Man Incident

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The Big Dick Muscle Man Incident occurred on August 2nd, 2023, in which Daniel Larson posted a video titled "new curuption with the law" on his YouTube channel. The video is a 13-minute-long recording of an argument with his mentor, Bob Proctor.

The circumstances surrounding, and preceding, this video being made are unclear. Daniel and Bob discuss several talking points including their relationship, Grace VanderWaal, Jacob Sartorius, and other characters in the Larsonverse. It was largely spurred by a deepfake of a nude Jacob Sartorius that was texted to Daniel, who Bob refers to as, "Big Dick Muscle Man".



[Indicator clicking; Bob is driving]

Daniel: If we go back up there, I don't want to hear you say that I shouldn't have bought it with my own money, and you—you're seeming—you just seem very very controlling, VERY controlling as if you are like my guardian all the sudden, and you've been acting that way, it's my money, I could do what I want.

Bob: Yeah, that's fine.

Daniel: If I wanted this particular phone plan because it's better for my phone, then I will do this phone plan.

[Silence from Bob]

Daniel: ...Okay, and—

Bob: But you won't listen to anything I say.

Daniel: But you want—well I do listen—

Bob: And it's not better—

Daniel: And I do, I do listen to you, you just don't want to listen to me! You're telling me that Grace should already be here in Colorado.

Bob: I don't want to have anything to do with Grace, I keep telling you that—

Daniel: And I said okay at the time.

Bob: But you keep telling me.

Daniel: Because we thought that it would be better, my assistant and I thought it would be better if we made a group chat, so we made the group chat.

[Many seconds of silence]

Bob: Doesn't have anything to do with it—

Daniel: And I'm sorry about the recording studio getting cancelled, I'm sorry, But I don't know who did it.

Bob: Yes you do.

Daniel: No, I don't.

Bob: Sagittarius or whatever his name is. He's had her phone, like he's had it every time.

Daniel: It's Jacob Sartorius.

Bob: Big Dick Muscle Man.


Daniel: Okay, you just pissed me off.

Bob: Well, what else is he?

Daniel: He would have been more understanding if we would have just got like actually gotten everything done. But I've been sitting here arguing almost every day with you. Like this is our normal conversations.

Bob: Okay. I tried to get you into the studio.

Daniel: I understand that. Maybe I should just go to the hospital with you, we could both turn ourselves in because you were hitting yourself and I was earlier. Maybe we should both go in now. This is why I don't get something anything done anymore. Is because I'm sitting here arguing with you.

Bob: I'm driving! What do you want me to do instead?

Daniel: Well, just have a normal fucking conversation for once without arguing! And for you to actually understand that my life and my choices are my life and my choices!

Bob: They are, that's worked out swell!

Daniel: Oh my god!! I understand that and I understand that you're partially upset that Jacob and Grace—well Grace never came to Colorado and that she apparently lied to me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything, I'm sorry that I'm alive. And I saw you hitting yourself, so if you wanna do that some more, go right ahead. Get it out while you can.

Bob: I'm sorry that I'm alive too.

Daniel: Get it out while you can. Because I don't wanna be around you if you're gonna act this way. Literally ever since you picked me up at Union Station this is all it's been. And like I, I was calm. You're the one that literally just started going like, I'm gonna hit myself, after we buy the phone. I'm the one with the fucking money, I'm the one buying the goddamn phone.

Bob: Why?

Daniel: You literally got angry in there! You hit yourself in the fucking store! I'm surprised the store security didn't get involved! Holy crap!

Bob: This is my limit Daniel.

Daniel: I understand that! I—

Bob: This is my limit.

Daniel: I'm understand that! I understand that! But you need to listen to me and calm down! I told you that you just need to talk to the label and actually express yourself for once! Let them know you're concerned! Because everything would have worked out better! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry that I fucking suck! And I'm sorry I have a small fucking dick!

Bob: You don't have a small fucking dick. There's pictures of you just as big on there.

Daniel: Well, I'm sorry, okay!? I'm sorry for everything. And I guess we're going to be arguing now for the rest of our lives. Because you hate me and I hate your attitude. For you to tell me to buy a different phone plan, that literally has less gigabytes—

Bob: It didn't, though.

Daniel: It did, It did though, Why did my—why did my old phone randomly stop working?...



Bob: I'm not going to argue that Daniel, because you won't listen to me.

Daniel: Well, I just called you out too.

Bob: This deal is only available at Walmart. A Walmart deal.

Daniel: I understand that. That's not my problem. Why are we using Walmart and not actually going to a store and buying a more expensive phone too?

Bob: Well, that's where you said you wanted to go.

Daniel: Well I mean, I understand that. But we've been using Family Mobile, well, we've been using all these pre-paid phones, and all these cheaper phones, soooo I guess it is what it is. We don't have the money right now to just keep blowing it on things.

Bob: That's why we've kept buying these cheaper phones.

Daniel: And we keep messing up with all these stupid plans.

Bob: Every time you would have busted a regular phone it would have cost you three or four hundred dollars.

Daniel: And that's my fault, and I take the blame for it. But the real reason, as we know, is we get in arguments over Grace and the label and how we're doing things, and I guess that's my fault too but it's my life and if I want to do it a certain way, if I, you know, wanna have say, I wanna have say. So I guess we're both equal. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry you're involved and I'm sorry that this is not working out and everything is fucked now.

Bob: Okay.

Daniel: But I'm sorry that you're blaming yourself. I really am.

Bob: I'm to blame, for everything. I— [unintelligible]]

Daniel: I never said that. And that's the thing I don't understand, is you're so stubborn, like I was saying, like you always think that other things is your fault and when I say it's not, you don't want to move on.

Bob: And then we come back around, and you say, well, you caused the problem with Grace, You probably caused the problem with the label.

Daniel: And it's, it's because, it's because, we were both working together in booking the recording studio sessions—

Bob: Yes.

Daniel: And we—and the label wanted it done faster. And I was trying to do that. I remember calling you up, every—almost every day talking to you about it.

Bob: For five minutes, and I'd say let's do it, and you'd say oh no, I gotta go. Daniel interrupts with excuse about Warren And then it would be three days later

Daniel: And that's because Warren, or of course the label messages me getting upset about time frames, and then, and then I call you back after—

Bob: Nope. There's where we have the problem, You don't call me back.

Daniel: I call you back the next day—

Bob: Or two days, three days later.

Daniel: But—

Bob: You say let's do it. I say okay, But when I, when I'm home—

Daniel: But still, I mean, I'm busy!

Bob: Okay, and I'm not.

Daniel: I'm busy, I'm busy trying to sort other things out like my fucking homeless life.

Bob: Okay.

Daniel: You know, like, you know, I also had to deal with Grace being upset. You know, and now Jacob Sartorius and her issue with him, you know, and then we're arguing about it, because you're like Grace should have been here in Denver already—

Bob: No.

Daniel: Yes you said—hold on—

Bob: You hold on! Because you're changing my words. I said how many times has she promised to be here, and she's never came—

Daniel: Exactly!

Bob: That's not that I'm saying she should have been here, If she said—

Daniel: Well that—that kind of is—

Bob: If she said she was going to be all the time she—

Daniel: Exactly.

Bob/Daniel: She should have been—

Daniel: Exactly.

Bob: Okay?

Daniel: I'm sorry that she didn't own up to her word.

Bob: If I'd told you tonight that I wasn't coming to get you, and just hadn't shown up, what would have that been? Last night I spent a hour and a half looking for you.

Daniel: I'm sorry, And I'm sorry we keep busting our money out on motel rooms as well, when we should have been putting it towards more important things like the apartment, or house—or like, more permanent housing. I'm sorry. And like, I'm trying to be calm, and I'm trying to like really be honest with you—

Bob: Ok.

Daniel: And I also understand that you booked the three days in the motel. And that's my fault, we should have saved that money.

Bob: Okay, well, we didn't, and you needed a place to stay and it was raining, and you need a bed to sleep in once in a while.

Daniel: I know. I know. And that's where most of my money was going.

Bob: Yeah.

Daniel: I understand.

Bob: Now are we going to do anything?

Daniel: Yes, we are. But I also understand that, you know, I also know that if I get back into disability housing, or resources, they won't want me on social media.

Bob: They probably won't, just like they didn't before.

Daniel: I know, and that's also why I didn't want to do that at the time. I wanted the apartment.

Bob: Okay.

Daniel: Alright. Are you calm now? And—

Bob: Yeah, I've been calm.

Daniel: And have we talked about everything we needed to talk about?

Bob: Yeah, all we need to do is just get the phone working.

Daniel: Okay

Bob: or return it and go to a AT&T store—

Daniel: Okay.

Bob: go to Target or—

Daniel: Yes, I know

Bob: Alright.

Daniel: So—

Bob: We're going to need all the packages, okay? And the reciept.

Daniel: Okay, let's go.