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A very prominent feature of Daniel Larson is his oddly shaped, and unusually large, nose. Daniel's nose often gets edited[1] by trolls[2]/weens, who make his nose appear even larger.

Nose goop

Daniel's nose often has visible amounts of pus or dead skin on the front of his nose. The shedding is likely due to a combination of sunburn (note that, as of going to New York, there is no shedding) and lack of hygiene.


Bodega incident

Main article: Bodega Incident

While trespassing in an Indian store, Daniel harassed a worker and spit on another. As a result of his actions, Daniel got annihilated by a store worker and received a large laceration on the front of his nose.

Africa & healing

Daniel's nose injury, despite his picking, eventually formed a strange scab in the shape of Africa. This was mocked regularly, some of his managers even joked that they were sending him to South Africa.

Beyond the odd shape of his scab, its slow healing was also a minor concern, it probably being influenced by his diet. Eventually however, it went away.


On May 13, 2023, Daniel uploaded a three minute video to TikTok in which he talked about various things while eating.[3] At one point, Daniel seemingly noticed his beak-like nose, and its shape, for the first time ever.

clip uploaded by /u/Modjordan

Daniel also made reference to his nose after the Häagen-Dazs Incident, telling people who had a problem with his scab that they could go back to "scabafrica."

Another video of Daniel talking about his nose. This time in a more "goofy" manner.